Animal AI broken or design ?

  • So all the animals seem to run to the peaks of the mountains, you climb to the top and there is 90% of the server animals. Too easy to kill a lot of animals all in one place. Is this done by design or an AI flaw that is yet to be fixed?

  • Yes i have also noticed this a lot on my server. The developers are always working towards better Ai. I have notice small improvements with them as time goes on. So simply put it's a work in progress at the moment.

  • The game is in ALPHA, a game in alpha has bugs. There's no reason to be passive aggressive about it. The devs are working on fleshing out the game and dealing with the bugs, and this one should hopefully be fixed by 5.6.

  • I am very aware its alpha, and like you would do well to take your own medicine, I was simply asking a question... if you read what I asked it was a question about the AI. As in real life if an animal is being chased or spooked in the wild they will tend to run up hill unless injured. Injured animals will tend to run downhill. I was simply asking a question about the AI, as it would appear that it is designed to make animals run up hill as a natural form of travel. However, they will continue to roam around and eventually come back down form the peaks during the evening and night hours, animals typically wont bed down in high elevation due to the cold. They will usually find their way to a deep grassy valley passing near a food source and water. Unless its a windy night they may stick to the dense forest with a grassy floor to keep out of the wind. Calm nights with bright moon they will usually not bed down but stay up and sleep during the day.

    So see, my question was simply a question of AI, not a 'passive aggressive' statement about a bug !!!

  • I also have noticed this issue. I don't believe Prayr was being aggressive at all, simply noting that it seems odd and wondering if it is designed this way, or something in the works.

  • The "Yea, I didn't think so" is as passive aggressive as it gets. Framing something as question and then posing your precived answer is snide.

  • The animal's movement is general isn't anywhere close to where we'd like it to be. I can assure you that we did not intentionally make all the animals run towards peaks and I believe Steven has a fix for that, though you may unfortunately have to wait a bit longer for better movement overall.

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