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  • I'm not a programer and I'm just too dam old to learn.

    As most of us run server and have it listed on I was loking for a mod (server side) that when someone votes on the site they will get a reward like 50 skill points ot some nice food.

    Can it be done??

  • @Auzze everything can be done, the problem is simple, do you host your ECO Server on a VPS/Dedicated server or do you buy a hosting package?

  • I have i hosted on

  • @Auzze that limits the possibilities but I will investigate what is possible with that host and other hosting companies.

  • Thank you sir

  • @ClayC You can edit pretty much every server file with most hosts, only is hidden for obvious reasons with PingPerfect.

    Don't see any reason why this would be a hindrance for you :P

  • @MGrand3 thank you for the information, that saved me alot of time and most probably a month's worth of ping perfect hosting :P

    I only host on VPS or dedi so I am uncertain what hosting companies such as ping perfect offer. With that facility I can have this added to Clays TK v2 as it's already a work in progress with some interesting new mods :)

  • I would defiantly use a mod that does this on my server. I anyone makes it please let me know.

  • @Alderone to be honest I am already working on it lol, stay tuned on that way you can stay up to date on what's being released :)

  • @ClayC Awesome cant wait :)

  • This is a terrible idea. If we start offering incentives like this then the server rankings are meaningless. All servers will have to give players free shit just to compete on the leaderboard.

  • @Nes Rankings like that will always end up being skewed I think, at least to some extent.

    Personally I prefer offering cosmetic rewards, if any at all, so maybe modding in a "I VOTED :D"-pin or something that players could wear? Might need to add an extra clothing slot too, idk.

  • @MGrand3 Yes it's unfortunate. I know I'd never do this on my server and I wouldn't want to play on one that did that. I would be fine with cosmetic awards.

    An "I voted" pin would be cool.

    The server list is practically encouraging people to implement something like this.

  • "Terrible Idea" you say.

    The idea was offered up as an IDEA, if someone wishes to make the mod and then server owner add it to the server is up to them.
    Offering "skill points' was only one of many thing that could be offered, clothes, food, tables, as well as mats. (Offering a few skillpoints is not game changing)

    If you look at most other game server who use this type of list use an incentive to get traffic to their server. Is this a bad this NO. More triffic, more players, more fun building a great community.

    I darn suggest a startingINV mod where you could give new members a few food items to start them off.

  • ya whats wrong with this idea? its perfectly fine to offer kick starters or boosts. it wont even break the game, all 50pts would do is off set either 1 day or half a day really, so in the grand scheme of things its not game breaking. For some late game its like 1 skill upgrade... i wouldnt call that game breaking or skewing of anything. There is nothing stopping server owners right now from offering free in game skill points for upvotes.

    i do like the I voted pin, maybe a special Sign like a campaign sign they can put in front of their house :D

  • It's not game breaking in any way, at least not for the particular server, but if the community evolves into "who can offer their players the most for voting", the server ranking won't matter anymore, as it will no longer be a ranking of good servers.

  • Sorry I was a bit harsh, but you should be able to see my worry. Basically what Mgrand said:

    Individual servers can take care of balancing on their own with mods, etc. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is when voting becomes something that players feel like they need to do every day to get that extra edge. Any free resources or skill points for such little effort will surely be taken advantage of. That's the whole point, I guess.

    As I said above I would never do this on my server, because I think all players should be on a level playing field and shouldn't be boosted by activities on a third-party website. Yes, I have asked players on my server to vote from time-to-time.

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the ranking algorithm from that website, but it seems to be pretty heavily determined by votes as long as the server has good uptime and pop.

    All it takes is one or two servers to start the arms race I guess.

  • Please note that due to the lack of model modding, mods are limited in rewards,

    Rewards can be anything that already is in the game. Being any combination and amount of the following:

    • Items
    • Tools
    • Building Materials
    • Skill points
    • Experience

    However we can also make it so that the user collect tokens, and when they have a certain amount of tokens, they can then redeem anything they so desire.
    This will make it so that the players need to vote multiple times to get a Skill Point but it's not only that, they can also choose to get an upgraded tool or some building materials. With proper token cost we can also avoid higher tier items from being redeemed very early in the game.

    With this in mind, imagine that server admins can easily set from day 1 that players can redeem skill points for tokens, but on day 2 they can also redeem wood, lumber, etc etc for tokens. and on day 6 we enable kiln, and other workbenches.
    With a server wipe every few weeks the maximum points you can get is 1 per 12hrs (or 24hrs depending on how it's set on with a server wipe happening every 4weeks, you can accumulate a maximum of 56 tokens.

    Please let me know if you like this idea, if so I would be implementing it also with ClaysTK. I already have a base for this mod to function.


  • As a hosting provider we have it set up that everything but the exe is a file you can upload/download/edit/replace. As for the config files like, and we have a tool that interfaces with those files so that everything that a user can configure without it being a security issue they are able to. For example the is not something we give full access to because the user could accidently change port/IP and then conflict with another server. However - our tool allows them to interface with that file and edit everything else themselves and not have to wait for support to do it. If there was a configuration option needed for a popular mod that we had user demand for and we decided to support we would just add that option to the tool.

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