Kitchen with too many craft tables

  • So I added a kitchen to my house, separated from other rooms with doors. However, it is claiming there are seven craft tables in the room, even though it is alone in the room. In the entire house, including the kitchen, there are only six craft tables, unless a bookshelf counts. Can we not have multiple room houses that count as separate rooms?

  • You can. Sometimes if you do not put a door in, it still counts as a whole room.

  • If you have a stair well in you build, the stairs must be in its own room. If you have 2 floors and a stairwell that is open in the main lower and upper room will count all your tables on both floors. So if this is the problem I would suggest making a stairwell separate from your main crafting rooms.

  • From what I can tell you can have a 1x2 hole in the wall, floor or ceiling without it breaking the room, but that's as far as it goes, so yeah, stairs don't work well, sadly.

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