Farming and infinite

  • On some of the plants I'm growing, it says infinite time to when it's mature. How do I fix this?
    I notice there is virtually no hint on what you're doing wrong when it comes to farming

  • Hi,

    We have the same problem and we added water to our farm and that fix our infinite problem

  • The "infinite" time to maturity can be various different things but strictly speaking i don't think it's a bug, you need to monitor the moisture and nutrient levels in the ground along with temperature to match the ideal conditions for each plant.

    One harvest off the a plot of land without time to recover between, without watering or fertiliser can cause that to happen. if a plant goes to "infinite" it's as good as dead unless something changes soon :)

  • @Martyblyth how did you add water to your farm? we cant see to get any water to work with farming.

  • Our server introduced a "GM store" when the first currency was introduced selling the water pump. The pump does work if positioned right but lacking a model, like the depot. That's how we use the water and aqueducts, you should be able to build them into existing rivers too though that can be a fiddly job to get working.

  • Yeah aqueduct the best and only way tbh. Also you can't do them 2 ways.... U shape or V I would say V shape as it's cheaper and works the same as the U shape

  • I will have to check this out!

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