Getting water uphill

  • I have a question, can pipes move water uphill, I have a farm and i would like to add more moisture but the closest river is 17 blocks below my farm.... I built on a plateau in order to get better temperatures figuring I could get more moisture.... but I can't seem to find a way to get the water from below up to my farm.

  • Yes, pipes will be able to move water uphill, but they are currently not working. Should be in 5.6

  • @MGrand3 thanks, i believe my server is wanting to wipe for 5.6 anyways so.... but do you know how far water saturates.... if i build an aqueduct 17 blocks below my farm will the water actually make any difference in my farm or is that too far

  • The entire water layer is 2d so having an aqueduct running through the air will affect the ground below. This will probably change at some point, but likely not soon.

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