Modding Extra

  • Give modders such as myself the ability to add models to the game, so we can create new objects and items, maybe even new crops :)

    • ClayC

  • ^ Love this so much! :D

  • Client site modding is definitely something we wanna have.. but the issue is client security and making sure that client site mods dont infect people as an example.

  • @NoBlackThunder we can have verified mods by ECO Staff and mods that are still to be verified, that way players will know what they are downloading and will download with caution where necessary

  • @ClayC i think the verified mods is a good way to go.
    the issue i see that having though is how does a client verify all files being pushed by the server are the actual verified mod? does it verify every file? or do you download from a SLG database of verified mods?
    is it selected from in game menu?

    im sure it can be well implemented. just needs to be secure.

  • obviously we will have a mod place where we can upload all mods, kind of like a source control where we commit all mods in, then we have a list of all mods that people can download and when mods are verified, they get a verified tag, or something similar to that. Should work well

    It can be ingame or also it can be as a part of the website

  • Also I want to add, if we are going to use the forums, we can give verified tags, that when a user edits that post, they will lose that tag and they have to be verified again.

  • You could always make it so that the server has to have the mod and the client has to have the mod and set a validation key that the client pulls from the server or they get an error that they have a mod not installed on the server. This could allow server admins to control what client mods can be used on their servers and which ones cannot.

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