Voting Ideas

  • As read from another post on the forums, I would like to have the voting system altered in a way that a user must be logged into the server.

    To make things clear, a citizen can only vote if they are eligable, to be eligable they must invest some points to a specific skill like Civics, then the citizen must make his way to the town hall or a specific building on the server, there the citizen would need to vote for the person he wants just like it is right now on the web interface, there can be a voting booth or something of that nature to open an interface where the user must vote from ingame without webinterface.

    This will eliminate potential trolls as they need to invest some time into the server to do all this.

    This will also make the game more realistic in a way that it simulates real life, how many countries vote during the elections.

    Let's make voting simulated like RL, go to voting booth and vote there, no web interface required.

  • I would love to point out this simple fact that would help everyone out.

    Just because a player spawns into a server does NOT make him a citizen!

    There could be a skill(tech) that allows players to 'apply' to be a citizen on that server. My guess is that to get citizenship they would have to spend X amount of skill points, let's say 50. If they meet the requirements, then they are a citizen of the server and can vote and/or make new laws.

    This will stop all trolls from jumping onto a server making up laws and trying to take over as a leader to ruin the server.

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