Refining Efficiency generates barrels (5.5.1)

  • I recently realised this one when our gasoline maker started returning barrels to me and my stocks were increasing.

    So at default efficiency you get

    • 100 barrels in
      • 100 petroleum out
    • 100 petroleum in
      • 25 Gasoline out
      • 25 Barrels out
        However, as your efficiency increases, you get more and more barrel out of the cycle:
    • 100 barrels in
      • 500 petroleum out (80% efficiency = 0.2 petroleum per barrel)
    • 500 petroleum in
      • 400 Gasoline out
      • 400 Barrels out

    So Refiners can effectively push carpenters out of that market once they reach efficiency high enough to return a positive number of barrels.

  • 5.5.1 is a bit outdated already. We are on 5.5.3 right now

  • I can say this works in 5.5.3.

    I can make 5 Petrol with one barrel, turn around and make 5 gas with that one barrel of Petrol and get back 5 gas and 5 barrels.

  • Yea, we're reworking how petrol and similar projects will work going forward. This is definitely a bug, but not something that I can say will be fixed (at least in its current form) really soon.

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