make seed into fertilizer

  • I found many seeds are useless, and you can easily have way too many. Since there is no way to throw them out by using the old glitch or another method. There should be a way to turn the seed into fertilizer and to cook with them.

  • Vegetable oil or biofuel I'd say.
    But a compostbin that accepts pretty much anything organic would be good too.

  • some seeds are made into fertilizer.

    <shameless plug> I have a Mod called Recycle that makes it into food as well.</shameless plug>

  • I actually have a compost bin on one of my branches that takes organics and produces fertilizer, but I'm not sure if/when that will make it into the game.

    But yea, I agree you end up with far too many seeds you don't want and some solution to general "garbage" will come soon.

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