Green houses and farming.

  • Would it be possible to have some abilities to make greenhouses that you can control the temperature and humidity in, this would make crops from multiple climates available in a centralized farm while teaching kids the benefits of farms and their importance in keeping an ecological system in balance without wiping out an entire population of plants.

    Some ideas to includes:

    • Must be made from 90% glass.
    • An item that is put into a wall that resembles a fan that would have temperature and humidity controls.
    • Must be fully closed with with door.
    • Must have an external water supply via. aqueduct or pipes.
    • Must have 1 fan for every 25 square meters.
    • Fan requires 500J per second power supply.
    • Should be an Advanced Farming skill required to build.

    And I imagine other ideas may trickle in.

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