Road Ramps?

  • Does anyone know if there is a way to shorten the dirt ramps for roads? I ask because when I first started playing, I built my town way up in the mountains. This was great until all the metals and sand I needed were at the bottom. I thought I'd use the cart to lug all that around, but to make a road going down with the ramps, I'd have to make a monumental bridge that goes down, as the ramps are 4 blocks long. Is there any way to shrink the ramps down to one or two blocks so I don't have to deforest the place and spend weeks building this mega ramp?

  • @sshinofield There is currently no way to do this, sadly. Perhaps a mod could be made (I might have to look into that)?

    One thing you can do is sort of zig-zag your way up with a ramp going to the right, a road curving around and then a ramp going to the left etc. Will be a bit wider than your original plan, and more time consuming to get up, but should save the space I guess.

    The one issue I can think of with making ramps shorter is that the incline might be too big so the cart starts rolling down on its own, and you might not even be able to get up quickly, if at all.

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