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  • Greetings one and all!

    I have created a new Mod, called Recycle. It basically unlocks new Recipies to recycle junk into better junk.
    So far:


    Turn 1 Workbench into 1 Log
    Turn 1 Campfire into 1 Stone

    Carpentry Table

    Turn 200 WoodPulp into 1 Board


    25 Huckleberry seeds, 25 Wheat Seeds, 25 Beans, and 25 Prickly Pears makes 1 Trail Mix (25 Carb,5 Fat, 25 Protein,25 Vitamins 500 Calories)

    Before I release this, I wish to talk about it, maybe add more, or remove something you think does not work. Please let me know of any idea, suggestions, etc.

    To Learn Recycle, you need to unlock it with Civic 2 and need 200 Paper, 50 Plastic.



  • Really Quick Note: Do not suggest anything to do with Trailings, or making World Objects. Thanks!

  • How come? That's like a huge recycle need!

  • For Tailings, there should not really be a 'quick fix' for it. I was gonna add Trailings as needed to make the skillbook, but as was pointed out, people would just make a bunch of the books just to get rid of the trailings.

  • That is true and a book made from the tailing or actually any one object made from the tailings in a simple manner would not be a good answer and exploitable.

    I liked the fact that you added a "recycle" skill and hoped that would be the beginning or an expanded tree that would eventually take care of things like tailings. Recycling is never a one step process if you study it. You don't turn a plastic bottle directly into something else . Its a multi-step process that requires multiple different machines to break down in component parts and then taking those parts and putting them back into traditional methods of manufacter or then taking what the recycle process creates - a new type of resource and using it.. That, of course, would mean adding new objects that can break down these items and in turn that would produce some traditional as well some new components. Then you would need objects that would take these new components and either further break them down or make them into new things. Something like tailing could and should be something that can be recycled but the method would need to be complex and even then still result in some 'left overs'. Mining tailings, say from gold mining, in the modern world are now run through sifters and processors to look for gold that was previously missed and other types of minerals that can be used in other production - just doing this reduces the amount of tailings left behind. It does not get rid of them completely but does reduce the pile.

  • I also have Efficiency and Speed as well. At Max, you can get a whole whopping 5 Logs from one workbench!(so does CampFire.)

    40 Pulp makes one Board

    and the food is knocked down to 5 each...

  • This post is deleted!

  • ok.. Fixed Tailings, Now you start with burning 100 to reduce it to 25, with rank 5 Eff. you can do 150 to 25.


    Please test it out and let me know of any more bone-headed mistakes I have made!

    Also.. I really would like to do something else with fur/leather as a recycle. I was thinking Beef(?) Jerky but...

  • Actually had a guy in discord chat today asking about seeds.... does your mod recycle seeds? Apparently they have way more then they can plant (I guess they are lucky) and he wants to get rid of of several chests of seeds. What about making a granola from them?

    Not sure about fur/leather. They seem to get used up now by tailoring - least on our server and probably will be more soon as I can figure out how to add more clothing items :)

  • yeah, backpacks kinda work(Got to take them off and put them back on again each time you log in)

    Yes, there is something that turn seeds into a food item called Trail Mix(also uses Prickly Pear Fruit too!)

  • As for seeds, I could make one to recycle them into the Granola Bar, if you wish. My Server has an over abundance of seeds as well.

  • OK new update.

    For those who have not installed my mod use this:<Outdated>

    For those that did, just place this file in /mod/autogen/food [<Outdated>

    This adds the Granola Bar.

    Uses 25 of Beet Seeds, Bunchgrass Seeds, Corn Seeds, Fern Spores, and Fireweed Seeds.

    Carbs 50, Fat 0, Protein 50, and Vitamins 25. 550 Calories


    PS. Any other feedback would be loved! Thanks!!


  • Oh love the granola,,, wondered what i was ever going to do with grass, weed seeds and spores.... of course now I not only have plan some too so I can keep a supply of granola around :) Thanks MW

  • Request:
    Can you add (cooking) Oil from seeds to the mod?

  • I have gotten a few feedback on my server about it. I know there is a slight bug with Granola and speed(I had it in baking) There was also talk with doing something with Biofuel and Bacon(as there is no use for it yet) However there is already stuff for seeds. We got a ton of leather and fur I know we need to do something with.

    I have been working on a way to code in a World Object. Soon as I can I still wish to make the brewery and maybe add a compost (place seeds/dirt/fur for increase farming perks) and a wind farm(for clean energy)

  • Tossing a few ideas around for more recycling stuff for seeds. Still trying to make a "clean energy" as well.

  • I've been running into an overflow of huckleberry seeds from making sugar and muffins. I was thinking about something like HuckleButter (made in the mill) and then HuckleButter cookies (made in the oven with hucklebutter, sugar and flour) Say like Carbs 30, protein 15, fat 5, vitamins 5 or 10 at 450 or 500 calories.

    Though, I guess Hucklebutter itself could be like 50 or 100 calories with like 5p,5f,0c,0-5v. Make it so that it can be eaten straight, but in line with other one ingredient food items in terms of skill point gain.

    Side note for any dev, it would be nice if there was like a matrix of food item, complexity and gains so that when mods are made there is a reference to where something should fall in difficulty/resource vs gains. Basically so you don't accidentally unbalance something and make a "super food" as opposed to "feeling it out" from having played the game.

  • There is 'milk' in the game, just no way to bring it into being. Without milk can't really make butter. I use Huckleberries seeds to make Trail Mix, but you do need other seeds as well. I really wanna do something else with seeds, but it seems all my ideas are either dumb, not realistic or already in the game.

    I have fixed a few bugs, but do not want to update it yet till I come up with something 'new' for it as well.

  • No I mean Hucklebutter as in peanut butter, there's no milk in peanut butter, just ground peanuts and oil.

  • Oh.. well.. yeah that is something I could do then :D

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