[5.6][Client/Server] Table bug (Room not closed)

  • v0.5.6.0-alpha-staging-92888c9b

    hello again, i have found a new bug after desmondclark updated our miningcolony server (which you devs have previously helped us out on before, thanks btw).

    The issue is, i logged in today and my blast furnace would not work, it said i needed more room volume (which i currently had 136 volume according to your new updated interface you added in the bottom left) and also said i needed more bricks, i went to check out other tables and they state my rooms need to be closed and would not work either, but moments before they were working and producing items. my rooms are totally enclosed, with doors and not working on adding windows to see if that helps. but right now i can't really play because i cant craft anything.

    Things i've tried

    Destroy and replace table
    Remove other tables and swap to different rooms
    Build new room and place newly made table.

    I'm waiting for desmond to get on to try a server restart.

    Edit- Blast furnace now works somehow, but my anvil that's in the same room says that it needs to be in a room to work. Other tables are still broken aswell

  • i replaced the wall and re-added the door and anvil says room is closed but now says theres 7 tables in the room when theres only anvil, machine shop and blast furnace the other 4 says which are showing up as doors ("Gadget's WorldObject") but theres nothing else in the room as far as tables.THEFKECO.png

  • @Gadget Do you have any modules in there by chance? The one for the anvil for example? I found those seem to count some times as well, and that they might screw things up.

  • There are no modules. It's a room with only an anvil bad blast furnace with 4 doors on the room.

  • @Gadget I just realized, the 5.6 staging build is very buggy and not recommended for anything but testing. This could possibly be one of the reasons.

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