Crafting Bench building requirements (Material Grading)

  • I would like to propose that you add all construction materials to a workbench (as an example) so it is not just limited to 18 logs. This goes for stores as well.

    I would like to put these types of benches into brick only buildings, or mortared stone only, concrete etc. Rather than a minimum of 18 logs, can all building materials be listed and the description read something as follows:

    A minimum of 18 logs or mortared stone, or bricks or concrete or steel required.

    Or add a grading to construction materials. For instance, logs are grade 1, lumber grade 2, mortared stone grade 3, brick grade 4 etc

    Then the description can be something like minimum of 18 grade 1 construction materials or greater for workbenches, stores etc

    and kilns can be minimum of 18 grade 3 construction materials or greater

  • This is already in place logs are the lowest and I believe concrete is the highest but there already exist a rating system in the item code

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