Flatbread and wheat

  • Going through the tech-tree I noticed something funny.

    Most low-tier food recipes has a small caloric gain, eg charred camas bulb being worth 300 calories while the 4 camas bulbs required provide 240 calories if eaten raw.

    1 unit of flatbread takes a base 10 units of flour.
    1 unit of flour takes a base of 20 wheat.
    1 unit of wheat provides if eaten unprocessed 75 Calories.
    That is 10x20x75=15000 Calories if the 200 wheat required for 1 flatbread is eaten raw instead of the 500 Calories for the flatbread itself.
    The 5 fat gained from making flatbread hardly makes up for the 14500 calories lost.

    One way to balance it would be to say 1 flatbread = 2 flour = 2x3 wheat.
    Unless there is some other advantage to higher tier foods, like increased skill gain
    Though that is not currently apparent from ingame. (to me at least)


  • you are only looking at it from a perspective of highly unskilled rates. Those base value aren't meant to be a long term craft cost. You should be skilling to bring those down. My flour takes 10 wheat and most of my flour using recipes only use 1-2 flour.

  • Also, you have to keep in mind you stomach contents averages. You'll kill your SP/day eating that much wheat, and you'll never be able to climb out of the hole. Not without /vomit at least. The less food in your stomach, the better the averages are.

  • Are you saying the total amount of stuff in your stomach also affects skillpoints?
    because that would explain why my skill point gain sometimes drops when moving towards a 25% split between nutrients.

  • Did a bit of testing.
    I think I've got it now.

    SP/day is sum of nutrients in stomach multiplied by a balance factor that depends on how close the nutrients are to a 25% split.
    The value of a particular nutrient in your body is the average of that nutrient for ALL foods consumed in the last 24 hours.
    A food with a displayed nutrient content of eg 10 carbs, also have a "hidden" value of protein, fat, and vitamins of 0.
    If you eat a food with 10 carbs, and a food with 10 vitamins, the average nutrients in your body is now 5 carbs, and 5 vitamins.
    Provided all previous nutrient values in your body were 0, (10 carbs + 0 carbs) x 2 items of food = 5 average carbs

    This makes much more sense now.

    Now if only we could make this a bit more clearer ingame...

  • You nailed it! That's exactly right. I'm stealing this and pinning it in my discord. Couldn't have explained it better myself :D

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