HomeRun Vanilla Server Up and running Aus server

  • Hoping for new and active players to expand the community I am a very active admin and am very friendly we are small now but want to grow we have an active discord (https://discord.gg/5dZrU).
    I would love to see you guys on :D
    (P.S. I am Australian run on FTP so its pretty good internet connection server is rarely down)

  • A bit of unbalance in the game that I couldnt do anything about has cause a server wipe so its a fresh new world 4x bigger than the old one now too :D

  • Another follow up to anyone who joined today and there was massive FPS issue and lag issues these hopefully have been solved as the server and router needed a restart

  • Once again another update to the server it will restart once every hour to help alleviate lag and long tick times
    does anyone know how I would go abaout making it announce in game atm im simply runnning it through a batch file that looks like this.
    @echo off
    start "Wicked_Article_Creator" "C:\Users\xXNoHopeXx\Desktop\EcoServer_v0.5.5.3-alpha (2)\EcoServer.exe"
    timeout /t 3700 >null
    taskkill /f /im EcoServer.exe >null
    timeout /t 20 >null
    goto loop

  • Hey Yellow, server seems to be down at the moment. Any ETA when it'll go back up?

  • sorry I think there was a problem with the auto reset I was away at work and hadn't seen but its all back up and operational now :D

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