Item index?

  • Add some type of item index. For example I'm very new to the game I had no idea how to do quite a few things or where to find things or craft them. I think there should be a menu where you can hover over items and it will tell you where to craft them and what skills you need.

    Also I'm tired of animals on my house. There not welcome and will face the wrath of my arrows every time.

  • You're supposed to figure things out as you go. The skills menu gives plenty of hints with what you unlock, then you can check whatever crafting tables you have to see what you can make with them. The wiki is very much a WIP but should have a fair bit of helpful information too:

  • Its not really been too difficult to figure out where to go to next, what to craft or where to look, especially once you make a few basic things in the workbench. Its not always been the first place I went to look, and I may not have the appropriate table/bench and had to go check someone else's but I think that is part of the fun. Since 5.5 released the tooltips, at least for me, have been more then enough help in locating things. Maybe there is a balance there but I think too much of a "go there, do this" in the tooltip would take away from the "figure stuff out" aspect of the game. The tool times and skill tree info already tell you what is required for you to get a skill. Its tells you what skill is required and what it takes to create/build/etc so I am not sure what more could be added by giving an item index.

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