Placing window causes log blocks next to it to glitch

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    Server, Client or Website? client

    OS/Web Browser? Windows 10

    Detailed Description of Issue: Placing a window next to a log wall changed the wall to a window.

    Reproducible? only until quitting and coming back in then it did not do it anymore

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: I removed the log and placed it back multiple times and it still changed into a window. Once I quit and came back in and placed the logs again it worked correctly

    Additional Comments: I know it's not a big bug and easy work around but just wanted to make sure you were aware.

    Client Version? Alpha 5.5.2

  • I think Eric has a fix for that in 5.5.3 .. if not could you let me know? =)

  • will do thanks for the quick reply

  • @NoBlackThunder it is still happening in 5.5.4 here is a video to show the effect

  • did not happen as much in 5.5.3 but in 5.5.4 its bad

  • opening the carpentry table too soon will bug it out, farms need something to happen to the block next to them in order to grow, trees get stuck in mid air after cutting them, this is just to name a few

  • sometimes opening the campfire it will close immediately having to open it several times,
    Cart when you go to pick it up it takes a min for it to recognize you before you can start moving sometimes up to 2 min

  • @Siethy You should post these as new topics.

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