how to properly host a Eco server version 5.4 and latest update 5.5.1

  • I have been having problems with Eco servers, and none of my friends can see the server online outside of my network .. but lan works fine and just recently any device in my house can now see the servers 3001 web port/page on the same local connection. anything outside of it cant.. why is that. all my ports are portforwarded correctly for sure .. i have hosted many minecraft and unturned and Ark servers. this game is the only one that i cant figure out.. any kind of help would be great at this point.. also is there any way the devs can make this alot easier to do? thanks

  • Just a dumb question.. you open both 3000 and 3001 right? Also did you turn the public server on? (under Network tab, Config)

  • Yes everything is done. Idk what else to try or do

  • Unless there is new or other steps that I may have missed. The website that has the instructions aren't good enough. I have followed it closely


    I made a guide that should have the most cases covered. There was recently another rare issue where someone had a modem that was setup also as a router and he had another router in that again . So the ports that got opened never got very far

  • Ok I have used the guide and it isn't working noblackthunder

  • mhh ok .. what version are you using ?

    Have you done the troubleshoot guide on that guide? if so you know where eco seems to be blocked? if all ports are open can you pm me a link to your law page that should by default be on yourIP:3001 ?

  • I don't know where it is blocked. and how do I pm u?

  • you can click on my username and select chat option on my profile. But you need first to check if you can get access to the web UI on your local network .. for that you need ether another computer or phone that can connect to that computer hosting the server. We need to find first out if its your computer or the router that is blocking the traffic still

  • I do get the Web ui fine. it's just the connection seems to time out when I test the player ip with the Web port number.

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