A few bugs i have found

  • OS/Web Browser? Win 10

    Detailed Description of Issues:

    1. Wooden cart going out of bounds.
    2. Canceling action in Butcher Table causes meat to be lost.
    3. Wooden stairs cannot rotate.
    4. Wooden stairs cannot be walked up on.
    5. Water in rivers can spawn with air gaps in the middle of it.
    6. Trees cannot be replanted unless tilled soil is dug up, replaced and re-tilled. Acts like a tree is still growing there.
    7. Felled trees might disappear if walked too far from it.
    8. Visual glitch where fully grown plants are shown as newly planted. Corrected when nearby plant is harvested.
    9. Cannot walk up stone road or ramp. Requires either dirt road next to it or to jump up on it.
    10. Log roofing doesn't connect properly. Requires a lot of messing around with before it connects.
    11. Placing a kiln in a room only 2 wall high will destroy the 4 roofblocks above it. Needs an error-message stopping a player from placing it.
    12. Wild trees/plants/grass grows on tilled soil. Trees grows on tilled soil with plants. Had a servermember with some issues with a pesky tree growing in his cornfield.
    13. Animals climbing up straight walls several blocks high/glitching through soil.
    14. Placing dirt/sand/rock/ore/wood/younameit in a room can cause player to get stuck halfway underground.
    15. Arrows bouncing off animals. no idea what causes this..
    16. Fox carcass cannot be picked up. Gives error that carcass has already been harvested. Relogging makes carcass disappear.
    17. Felled tree can sometimes loose its texture, making it invisible, but harvestable.
    18. Players slide like on ice if getting too close to walls. Making it hard to target tables and stuff through windows(holes in walls :p)
    19. Soil not connecting with ramps and mortared stone. Causing a gap between ramp/stone that forces players to build floors on top of soil.
    20. Wooden stairs connected to a log flooring creates some bad visuals.
    21. If you hover over items, the info box can sometimes get stuck. Exiting out from game and restarting will fix it.
    22. If a server is full or whitelisted causes your client to not refresh server page. Gets stuck with background only. Requires restart of game to fix.
    23. You can cut down tree saplings. Will even make the character yell timber. Needs to be fixed to remove sapling if cut with axe. Currently acts like a full grown tree.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?

    player glitching through dirt, arrows bouncing off animals and trees disappearing can be tricky to reproduce. No idea what causes them.

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue:

    Other glitches are pretty self explanatory how to reproduce it.

    Additional Comments:

    I know some of these have already been reported, but just adding them in here to mark that they are still present in Alpha 5.5.1

    Client Version? Alpha 5.5.1

  • @Anoukh As you said, most of these are already reported, but thanks for gathering them, and adding the new ones regardless :D

    Let's see:

    1. Well known issue, not sure a fix has been added yet, only semi-reliable way to reproduce is to mess about near the world border, going back and forth etc.

    2. This happens in several crafting tables, is fixed in the 5.5.2-staging builds, and will of course be in 5.5.2-stable.

    3. The placement mechanics for stairs/roofs are in desperate need of a rework, they currently work by connecting to surrounding blocks, but this just gets annoying. Definitely something they are aware of though. Did see something about them working on making bridging (placing blocks underneath yourself etc.) easier, so this might be coming soon.

    4. This is caused by the new movement mechanics as of 5.5, the "clambering" option in the settings will allow you to walk up stairs and now also slopes, but the movement is very slide-y and will be reworked soon.

    5. Have not seen this happen, good catch. Should be an easy fix.

    6. Can confirm that this happens.

    7. This may be an issue with the world border, haven't tested extensively yet.

    8. Just an issue where the plant doesn't update I guess? Never heard of this one before either.

    9. All the roads are slightly raised from the block they're on. I know this causes a lot of issues with doorways etc. The movement bugs with automatic jumping up slight gaps and so on aren't exactly helping.

    10. See 3.

    11. I feel like the size of all the crafting tables etc. should be printed on the tooltip, it's really hard to tell what size a blast furnace is before it's on the ground for example.

    12. This is fixed in 5.5.2, farmers rejoice.

    13. This is mostly to make sure they don't get stuck and die I think. Think this will be reworked as they fix the issue with mobs gathering on rooftops etc.

    14. To add to this, you can place another block on top of yourself and end up out of bounds, which teleports you to the nearest empty space above you, a nice way to get to the surface from underground. This needs to be in the game so people don't get stuck underground. Fixing the issue you mentioned can be really hard too sadly.

    15. Still no clue what causes this.

    16. Fixed in 5.5.2

    17. So that's what happens, didn't realize that.

    18. Movement rework incoming, hopefully.

    19. I think more blocks should be able to connect to eachother, and not just the same block type. Would fix roads too I think with a little slope up to the edge of the road.

    20. Block placing rework is needed I think.

    21. Fixed in 5.5.2, one of the most annoying bugs so far imo.

    22. This has been happening since at least 5.4, haven't seen a fix added yet.

    23. Should be fixed in 5.5.2.


  • https://gyazo.com/4c6d4ecfb00e519aaad48b8946c762be

    Two pictures i took from our servers mountain river.. looks a little wonky :p

  • Found another fun thing to add on the list :P

    When pressing E(or pickup key) on a tree stump, it gives the error above. Always fun when accidentally targeting the stump instead of the log next to it.

  • And i think in carpentry table, the wood signs is a little off ;p

    A wood sign uses 4 boards
    a small wood sign uses 10 boards

    xD could be a mix up somewhere in the code.

  • Yeah I've noticed the wood sign recipes too xD

    The tree stump crash is well known, and I think it's fixed in 5.5.2.

    We have those rivers too, but ours kinda just forgot the mountain part and carved a massive ravine through it, so now we're gonna build into the side of it and have bridges running across and stuff :D

  • 11 Also applies to fletching table, it will remove nearest wall on short side

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