Balance please

  • 20 calories to swing a scythe at grass, but 10 calories to chop a tree??

    4 raw sausage to make 1 cooked one ?

    The game is horribly out of balance, this latest update pretty much broke food.

    6 iron ore to make 1 iron ingot ?

    Someone needs to take a huge look at balance in this game. It should not be the grind that it is.

  • Oh... and by the end of day 2 ALL the animals were on the very top of the mountains, not a single animal was roaming around.

  • Check out this forum thread. It's kinda about the balance topic.

    I wouldn't worry about this too much. I'm sure the dev's are just testing the waters before they do a full item balance. The only real way to see what the people want is to make drastic changes to the game and wait for responses.

    You also need to remember that the more you focus on one skill the more efficient you become at it. On my server the players are mostly only doing one skill. Helping and trading with one another. So the high cost of crafting item. Is not such a high cost if you go to the player that is best at that role.

    And yes they are working on the animals as well. :)

  • Thanks, i will have a look at that thread. and I agree, the only way to know is to test. If they want to the game to mimic the real world, then the crafting should as well.

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