Actual coin divisions (pennies, cents, etc)

  • As it stands, you can divide your coins infinitely, so you (theoretically) don't need to print more. I could print new currency called "The coin" with a single coin in it, and at the moment, the game lets me divide that coin up infinitely into smaller and smaller decimals ("I'll pay you 0.00001 of The Coin for that wood" for example).

    So this is more to point out that currently you can exploit currency, but also provide a potential solution. Not to mention you could get some pretty interesting currencies happening if there were divisions (bring on the base-16 currencies!).

  • I like this idea being that i'm currently trying out the currency on my server.

    I have another idea that mite help balance the currency and also add another ore into the game witch could be used for currency and components for crafting. If they were to add silver ore into the game they could have the currency setup so you can make 3 type of coins all with a different value and have there crafting components values simpler For example this way you could make gold currency silver currency and copper currency As gold being the highest value the items that gold is needed to craft item will be more endgame items silver would be used in mid-game items and copper in starting game items . so money on hand would look like.

    You have 3 gold, 34 silver(dollars) and, 86 copper (cents)

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