Just a few things I've thought would add to the game *updated*

  • I'm going to update this list as I think of more things and I'm going to go ahead and add to the list things I've already made separate posts about and I'll go back and delete those posts when I'm done.

    1. Dirt is a nightmare you get loads and loads of it and very little to use it on so I thought maybe it would be a good source for pitch early game and for those who don't live near sand.

    2. Ladders. Building high is beyond frustrating and often requires exploited the /unstuck command which just feels cheaty to me so it would be nice if we had ladders to help out.

    3. Use tailings as a material for something. I don't really have any ideas of what but I'm sure it could be used in something to make it a bit easier to dispose of.

    4. A road paver. A special cart that snaps to a dirt road 2 block width that you'd load with asphalt and pull along the road to pave it. In the real world they don't dig up roads and then lay asphalt roads they just put the asphalt on top of the old roads.

    5. Making the windmill bigger would be nice just aesthetically. Currently it's pretty dinky.

    6. Make the soil sampler get it's crop info from the actual crop itself rather than the dirt underneath. It is nearly impossible with some plant types to target the dirt they're planted in.

    7. A run off storage module for crafting tables. I can't tell you how many times I've queued up a large number of something to be made, logged off and then come back a couple hours later to see it has been paused because the craft table storage is full even though there are still plenty of empty slots. So a storage module that you could attach to a crafting table to store the extra stuff would be nice.

    8. As an added detail to #7 it would be really nice if the storage actually filled up all the slots instead of reaching an invisible weight cap.

    9. Larger in storage stack sizes. I can understand only carrying 10 of an item at a time in your hands but while it storage maybe increase it so we don't have heaps of chests all over the place?

    10. Maybe ease up a bit on how punishing nutrition is? SPD increases with better nutrition but all the food that supplies a good nutrition balance is gated behind a massive amount of skill points needed so it takes forever to get there. It's not fun it's tedious and annoying. I think it would make sense to add a bit of skill gain when crafting and doing tasks.

    11.I'm certain it's already being worked on but better water physics would be great. I'd like the ability to divert a river or dam it up.

    1. A craft max button would be awesome.

    2. And this is a big one that I feel needs to be addressed. Farming currently is a headache to figure out for some of us. So I think it would be great if we had the ability to build a greenhouse that would create a stable growing environment for all crop types.

    3. Being able to toggle light sources on and off to save on fuel.

    4. I like that craft tables require certain types of structures but the crafting table per room limit I'm not a huge fan of. Like for example I want to make a kitchen that has two stoves and two bakery ovens but I can't do that.

    5. I don't know if it would be possible but could it be made so that trees won't grow on plowed dirt unless they're purposely planted?

    6. Making the roads flush with the ground will fix some annoying issues with getting hung up on them. Like I've built a town with streets and when I walk out of a building sometimes I have to fight to even get on the road lol.

    I'll add more as I think of them.

  • Tailings are not meant to be used for anything. They aren't suppose to be easily disposable, and infact are suppose to be harder by not being "chestable"

  • But in a game where the goal is building and advancing while making a minimal impact to the environment don't you think it would be logical that you eventually develop a method for recycling tailings?

  • If that were the case they should just get rid of tailings. Tailings are there to have a sense of permance of your industrial growth. You are making something that can't be gotten rid of, it is the price to pay for advancement, and if left unchecked the planet will suffer. That is the goal of the game.

  • If we remove everything that has a negative impact on the environment, there won't be a goal to make minimal impact any more. Just like in real life you have to store runoff/biproducts safely.

  • Well .. you could burn all garbage and create allot of CO2. Polluting the world by cleaning up tailings =P ?

    That might be a solution ?

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