What am I doing wrong with farming?

  • I have tried a few different farm spots and every spot I try I of course wait for maturity level to be 100% but I have no yield at all. This is way too frustrating.

  • I have that problem with beets, wherever i plant them they grow normal but once matured i just get seeds and no beets.

  • That's exactly what's happening to me.

  • I have skilled up so the yield is higher but still i can harvest without getting any seeds or plants.

  • My entire corn crop 100% maturity 0% yeild. Same with the beats.

  • Does your temperature and ground moisture match the crop you are growing? use the farming tool on the ground you planted the crop in It will tell you if it matches and what the expected yield will be.

    I would expect that if you are not getting anything then you need to plant in a different place that matches the crop you want to grow. Different crops like different temp and moisture. I created a little table of the crops for me, just plant them one at a time and check their requirements. Its also easier to see that stats you need if the block is raised so you can see the side of it.

    Good luck.

  • Most likely i bug i would say .. i made an issue for this error https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/1292

  • i'm farming just fine. Think this is a pebcak. You need to check the desired temperature and soil moisture of each plant, then find a suitable location. I have 3 separate farms on several layers of a mountain. One for Beet and wheat (temp is around 12ish) one for camas (around 13.5) and the tip top for beans and corn (11ish)

    As far as moisture, i haven't tried aqueducts yet, but i assume if they work that's how you'd increase soil moisture, no clue on decreasing though

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