Server in Game Map Not Loading.(Meteor Glitch, Server Breaking)

  • Hello,

    Any one having a problem were your map is not loading in game. nobody on the server can get it to load. I tried restarting the server and still nothing.

  • Got it working by doing a 12 hour rollback. Anyone know what could have Caused this to happen?

  • I think i know the cause of this problem witch will probably only be fixed but wiping my server yet again.

    It's a bigger issue then it at first seemed. Turns out the meteor for are save just keeps coming even thou I have disabled it. When we originally updated the server to 5.5 there was a problem, and some of the servers data files were missing and had to be reset. This some how changed are disaster counter to 7 days. When we saw the meteor in the sky I noticed and reset the meteor timer to 6 months. As it was already disabled but was still coming.
    It seems the map goes out when we hit the 7 day mark witch is when the meteor would impact. This also unclaimed everyone's land on the server, because the map thinks its dead.

    So I think the meteor may be bugged. Because it's was always disabled should not have even came with the counter on 7 days.

  • @Alderone what files did you add - many of the dll's you were used to seeing in 5.4 are now rolled into the .exe. I am wondering if you added files that really belong in the exe and that is confusing the issue? As far as I know if you change the disaster setting you have to generate the world for it to take effect so either there was a world generated after you added these files with the 7 day setting or the has some corruption or other problem causing these issues or there is some error in the config file. You can save your current off somewhere and then make sure that your configuration files are configured correctly then generate a new world. If the new world generates without the issues you are seeing - then its most likely something broken in your saved world. If the same issues do happen then there there is something broken in your install and/or game files and you might need a freash clean reinstall of the game where everything installs correctly and you don't have to import files

  • Thanks, but i don;t think it was anything to do with the config. I think it was a corrupted Game.exe file.
    I did manage to fix this last night. by:

    1. Rollback the server tell when the map was working.
    2. Then reset the disaster timer to 180 days, and make sure it's still off. then save
    3. Restart the server. (let it load)
    4. Then regenerate your world (Wipe It).
    5. Start up server and it's fixed

    That seemed to have done the trick. Also helped are lag issue. So are map must have been corrupted at some point. Maybe on a restart? Not sure.

    Thanks For The Info!

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