Is it possible we're seeing another servers government window?

  • I don't see how it could be possible but it's the only explanation. I think on our server that we're seeing the government window of another server. There is a different leader and proposed laws that we can't see when we click to open the browser to vote. When opening the browser window it shows us OUR government window showing Auzze as leader and our laws and proposed laws. I'm sorry if I've horribly described this.

    I've attached a screenshot of the in game government window that is apparently showing another servers info. And a screen shot showing our servers actual info. Auzze and I are at a loss lol.


  • Yes it is. In a way.

    Depends on how your trying to show it off. On the website for my server, I have made a link using the ip address of the world status page. So people can click that link and see the world status page witch shows the map laws and elections. This only works for viewing. To cast any votes you must use the in game link to open the world status page.

  • That doesn't really relate to our issue though. On my server when we click the Laws button at the bottom of the screen we don't get our servers government window we get that of another server.

  • Oh wow. Ok i see the issue then. That could possibly caused by have the same name as anther server . And it's picking up the other server instead of yours. If its not that then it mite be something you will need to open a support ticket for. That would be something only a dev's would be able to fix.

  • Ok I'll let Auzze know

  • world leader john? that sounds that for some reason you have some test data in your window .. @JohnK is that you trying to take over servers secretly? =P

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