Carts disappearing

  • The issue said it was closed? Is there a fix pending? This cart disappearing thing is starting to get a little ridiculous... We've been losing them left and right all morning. I've lost count.

  • We've been theory crafting, and think it's most likely world border related. Each time a person crosses a world border, it causes the other side to refresh for that person. Most likely a server desync issue with the client refresh, which then causes the carts to disappear. Like i said, just theory crafting, but we've reliably been able to get carts to reappear buy having a bunch of people keep crossing the world border to cause refreshes and make the cart magically reappear

  • @Lhamabomb It is definitely world border related. There have been a couple other threads on this topic as well.
    The issue being closed might mean that they've got another issue open for it, haven't seen any mention of a fix anywhere yet at least.

  • Since our server has updated to 5.5.3 we haven't had the issue. Not that I've noticed at least.

  • You can click the link and see that this should have been fixed in 5.5.3 or should at least be in the next patch. It has been fixed 2 days ago as i can see =)

  • @NoBlackThunder It says closed two days ago, but there's no info on whether if it's fixed or just closed, I guess I might just be understanding "closed" wrong? :P

  • You can see it got merged ( the fix) and then it got closed =) that means that it should be in 5.5.3 or the next patch ;)

  • @NoBlackThunder Alright, thanks for clarifying :D

  • Would love to get a clarification on this resolution. Very annoying bug!

  • @Scubafrog As Noblackthunder said, the issue should be fixed in 5.5.3, or if it isn't, in the next patch (either 5.5.4 if enough bugs are found, or most likely the 5.6-staging builds, the most recent of which is very unstable).

  • @MGrand3 thanks for the info. I have 5.5.3 that's why I was wondering.

  • Version 5.5.4

    One cart disappeared yesterday, then another one today. I wasn't using the cart either time, they were just sitting outside my structure. I went to use it and they were gone each time.

    I checked the location on the cart deed and it said it was right where I was standing, however it wasn't visible. I tried swinging my hammer around the area where it said the cart was but was never able to recover it either time.

    I'm hoping this issue is still being looked at? It's a very frustrating one. It looks like a similar issue has been closed on github for some reason? It's certainly still occurring.

  • This issue is an open bug issue and that means the devs know about it. If the deed shows - in the location the cart is usually gone even if you go to the coordinates. I know this is frustrating but this is the problem with playing an alpha. At least you can use carts now where ins 5.4 there were basically unusable so they have improved - and that is all you can ask for - improvement.

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