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    So I've played my first day on the game and I will say I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. However, as expected with any Alpha - there is a whole range of bugs on the server which I've decided to dedicate this post to posting all of those. I will also post some suggestions I have come up with. Have fun reading all.

    Anything written in the bug/issues paragraph below that has a number in a bracket (eg (1)) is followed up in the suggestions section with a suggestion that corresponds to that bug/issue.

    EDIT: There is a lot, sorry, hope you like reading haha --DN.


    So I want to point out that the bugs/issues were just in the order I wrote them down and not in any other particular order. If any of these are not actually bugs and someone has worked out the solution to fix them already - please feel free to post below.

    • Water Flow: So I guess it can be expected in Alpha, but the water flow is a little buggy. Sometimes removing blocks near water causes the water to remain suspended in air, whilst I finally found that if you remove the bottom block and move that outwards the water will flow - up to a certain point, but building a dip underneath the block the water flow discontinues at - does not cause the water to then carry on further (which I dunno if it would or not but I assume it would).
    • Terrain Climbing: I'm pretty sure many people have discovered this by now but you can scale any terrain simply by holding a combination of the [Space] and [W] keys. I think this is a bug too.
    • Steep learning curve: There doesn't seem to be too much direction as to how build something correctly, progress or unlock new stuff, etc. Some of it is pretty straight forward to work out - probably just alpha things.
    • Tree Stumps: Stumps appear not to be removed. I have found you can place objects over the top of them and then remove that item, this appears to temporarily do the trick - however, the server log then starts to complain about how it can't find unknown objects. Doing this a few times seems to cause this to stack up and actually causes the server to crash/disconnect.
    • Server Client Start-up: Again, just alpha issues but currently in it's current build - the server client first-time start-up takes a little too long to build the first time round, following this, it takes around 5 minutes which is still a bit long but not as bad.
    • Missing Images: Some objects are missing images and even when they display the image, they show as missing in inventory.
    • Voting: Upon loading the page, it will load a page with the active votes in place, display the title and the number of votes currently cast - however, when clicking the link it will not expand, display the information or allow you to cast the vote. This appears to be a bug for only some people and I am unsure at this time if this is affected by Anti-virus or what browser you are using as your default (but I believe it might do).
    • Log Rooves: Log Rooves seem imbalanced for the resource cost they cost in comparison to simply using logs to fill up the gap. Although aesthetically pleasing, they don't seem to provide much use or benefit. (May make a suggestion here in the suggestion paragraph below(1)). NB: I will point out that later on, upon unlocking them - processed wooden rooves seem more viable as the cost ratio is less than normal log rooves.
    • Chunk Loading Failures: This paragraph needs a few points actually as they're all associated but having messed around with the server a little I have noticed that chunk loading failures cause you to fall through the map and appear on the other side or through the map and back through the sky to the original place you were standing in - only to fall through again in some kind of infinite loop.
      • Upon exploring this further, these chunks occur one of three ways I have found: Naturally, Chance or Intentionally.
        • Naturally: Occasionally the server fails to load the chunk and therefore a whole of either a big chunk or even just a single square can appear and cause you to fall through it if stepped over.
        • Chance: Rarely, much more rarely than the 'Naturally' clause, upon striking a tree in such a way that causes it to land at an angle (in which a tree would normally break) - the tree can disappear, be propelled at high speed or cause a hole in the world in which you would fall in if you step over it.
        • Intentionally: So I had fun with the '/unstuck' command and realised that if you land on created terrain when you use the command - it causes you to become stuck (ironic). However, if you land in the corner of a square - it causes you to fall through a hole in the world. The way to replicate this is find a building where you created the roof with wooden logs (not wooden log rooves, but just normal wooden logs. It should be represented by some wooden trellis formation). Fall through one of the holes to access the building and without moving, type '/unstuck' (without the ' '). This will cause you to land on a 'self-created' hole in the world everytime without fail (provided there has been no self-created terrain used as the floor of the building - otherwise, you just become stuck as mentioned above).
    • Block Description Clarity: So I had a lot of trouble trying to work out what 'Constructed Wooden Blocks' were - and whilst the difficulty of working out and challenge of working it out reminded me of retro-styled 90s video games (which I loved but I don't think everyone would appreciate) - I would point out that you could at least drop a hint by implementing a feature(2) that when the game is in UI mode (through pressing tab) and you move the mouse cursor to hover over the block you're trying to identify (such as Constructed Wooden Blocks) the game displays a small image showing what the block at least looks like (feel free to conceal the method of obtaining it to keep that challenging fun difficulty, but for ages I was trying different blocks made of wood because I wasn't sure whether or not 'Constructed Wooden Block' was even a block you could get - furthermore, the 'Constructed Wooden Block' didn't even share the same name as the block you had to use to build it (which I won't say what it is to avoid spoilers))
    • Abandoning Construction Sites: Attempting to abandon a construction site can occasionally fail leaving you stuck on that build. This can actually be frustrating sometimes because the block required to finish that construction is in another build and you cannot go on to that build because you cannot abandon this build (This primarily seems to happen often when building the storehouse, for some unknown reason).
    • Harvesting Trees: Chopping trees down can occasionally cause them to disappear or create a world chunk failure hole when landing on an edge that would cause a tree to break. They can also disappear when they land in water. Rarely - they cause the tree to be propelled at high speed away from you (even more frequently when an Elk is nearby and charges into the tree as you cut it down)
    • Tool Usage Sound: Using the tools (for example the Axe) on nothing particular in view (the air for example) will still grant collision sound
    • Fall Damage: Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but the game currently has no fall damage (because of lack of health at all) but a damage or health mechanic must exist as it is present in animals you hunt. I'm not entirely fussed on the idea of a health mechanic for characters but I feel falling from such a high distance should have reprocussions(3).
    • Drowning: No drowning mechanic currently exists underwater, also you can see perfectly with no vision obscurity or anything. Spending too long underwater should have reprocussions too(4).
    • Trade/Cost Removal: So I have noticed that when you attempt to remove the cost of using one of your shops - it seems impossible to do. You can change what the cost is but you cannot remove it altogether to nothing. This also appears to apply to trades you put up in the shop. It would seem in additional to being unable to remove trade offers from the store - you are also unable to change the values of them as well. This can be frustrating as I can no longer sell that item if the value I wanted to place it in exchange for is higher (if it's lower, I guess you could just duplicate the trade and have people ignore the more expensive price).
    • Footer Text: The store displays the caption 'footer text' at the bottom of the shop. This caption appears to be non-removable or editable. It would be cool if I could replace this with text of my own choosing.
    • Archery Skill Tooltip Duplication: Archery Skill tooltip displays improvement for 'bow' twice.
    • Underwater Harvesting: Simply seems impossible, if something is on the coast (trees that land in water and do not disappear for example - then it can be harvested) but can't seem to do anything else in water.
    • BGM Music: Seems really glitchy, the music does not autoplay for some people using the server (including myself). It plays rather sporadically and at random. In addition to this, there seems to be no menu or hotkey to alter the level of the BGM music, sound effects or turn them off (or in my case because I wanna hear it more often - on).
    • Server Log - World Object Errors: Server Log keeps identifying errors in loading world objects. I'm not entirely sure what this affects as the server seems to keep running fine but I thought I should mention it.
    • NEW: Controller Token: Seems as if when the abandon construction bug happens (mentioned above) - the issue continues to display the message 'Failed to find controller for token' in the server log. This seems to prevent any changes to the pre-requisites log for building that building in - therefore, preventing you from ever finishing a build again.
    • NEW: Buidling Over Worldline: Can't build over line 0,0,0 on the map. It claims you have -x*(howlongworldis)* blocks claimed for build.


    • SUGGESTION(1): It would be cool if there was a reason to use rooves. Whether it be the rain makes you colder and to help with survival or to prevent from acid rain or something, I dunno, but would be nice for a more useful roof to justify the cost ratio between using rooves and just normal logs.

      • @Wutstock added: 'It would be cool if things inside the building become broken or less efficient'.
        I think it would be an awesome idea if the machines or items start to have a worn graphic on them and it becomes less efficient at the task in hand. I would love to see things happen such as it taking longer to produce items and maybe even if you don't address the issue, the item begins to stop working. Alternatively, as the game has a such a large pollution mechanic - maybe overtime the breaking down of said machines can start to begin to produce black smoke graphics that eventually begin to emit pollution from the item. (After all, we don't want a (..can't believe I'm about to make this pun..) 'non eco-friendly' environment.
    • SUGGESTION(2): Blocks required for building should have icon that represents block in a small image that appears while you're hovering over the block required and disappears when the cursor is moved off it.

    • SUGGESTION(3): Falling reprocussions - I feel as if falling off a cliff should have a reprocussion rather than being perfectly acceptable. For example, you could implement some kind of thing where you feel dizzy as you land or cannot move for a while and it fades off, etc.

    • SUGGESTION(4): Stamina Underwater/Drowning - Again, due to lack of health mechanic, whether this was done on purpose or not, I dunno - but you could make it so that if you move too far away from the cost, the screen starts to get fuzzier and darker and so you have to return, alternatively - you could have a 'You have gone too far' pop-up message or something. This may be fixed in future builds of Alpha anyway as I assume crosswater travel might be a thing - but at the moment, it isn't so the suggestion is present.

    • SUGGESTION: I feel as if the meteor that circumnavigates the globe should appear closer and closer with each passing day (I've only played for a single day so I don't know if this IS a feature yet but if it isn't - it should be.

    • SUGGESTION: Skins for characters should be available (I love my friends, but I don't wanna look like them too).

    Anything else I find, I'll add to this post. Hope you all enjoyed reading and happy gaming all!


  • thanks for the feedback =) i need to make a post where we can gather all feedback post =) will most likely just link to all post created for this =) or maybe we need a new subcategory for this =) got so many great feedback so need to ask what jeff thinks about it =)

  • No problem! :D
    I spent quite a bit of time on this one (about an hour or so - writing it up and formatting it) so would love a link to this one haha but yes, this is what I've found so far and absolutely loving the game. In some ways, finding the games little bugs not only goes to make a better game but can also be a little fun in itself. It's like searching for Easter Eggs in games. So it's something I don't mind at all doing while I'm playing. I've kept a little document open in the background for anything I find so that I can continue to add it to this post here.

    PS - I did post about a third of this on reddit already, but I love the forum is up and running now and it should be here really :P

  • yea there was a proxy issue that should have been resolved now =) from fast read of your post i can tell you many of the things are already planned to change btw =)

  • Hah, I thought this might be the case! (The changing of many of them) - but I thought I'd just post any and all bugs/issues/suggestions I've found just in case anything was left out :)

    • NEW: Controller Token: Seems as if when the abandon construction bug happens (mentioned above) - the issue continues to display the message 'Failed to find controller for token' in the server log. This seems to prevent any changes to the pre-requisites log for building that building in - therefore, preventing you from ever finishing a build again.

    How to fix this? (Added above).

    Theory on this: I can't seem to fix this in any other way other than just restarting the entire client. It prevents people from finishing off constructions and I don't know how to rectify it. It seems unlike our choice to abandon the building, the server cannot abandon the action to assign someone a token for the controller of said building and so just consistently keeps attempting it - failing to do so as well, creating an issue that stops all people from editing any further builds. Why this happens, I'm not sure.

    • NEW: Buidling Over Worldline: Can't build over line 0,0,0 on the map. It claims you have -x*(howlongworldis)* blocks claimed for build.

    Added above.

    • SUGGESTION(1): It would be cool if there was a reason to use rooves. Whether it be the rain makes you colder and to help with survival or to prevent from acid rain or something, I dunno, but would be nice for a more useful roof to justify the cost ratio between using rooves and just normal logs.

    Or roofs, that things inside the building (workbences/Mechanics,....) wont get broken/less efficient

  • Rooves (plural of roof) - but yeah that sounds awesome! I hadn't even thought of that :P Making it less efficient, maybe give the items inside a bit more of a worn over time feel through the rain and cause you to have longer times to build items even if you're trained in them.

    EDIT: I'm going to add that in the suggestions (and give you credit).
    EDIT: Added new graphic at top of post.

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