Planted trees BUG

  • I have planted trees on my farm. I started to cut them. Just when I cut it I removed the tree stump and wanted to plant a new one. But I was given info that it is already planted. So i dug up this block to re till it. AND the fallen tree disapeared. There is a connection between planted block and the fallen tree trunk. PLEASE fix this.

  • Also after getting all the wood from this tree i still cant plant a new one. I have to dig the dirt, put it back, till it and then I can replant it.

  • Did you try restarting the server?

  • Yes, after restart this still is a thing. Please check on your server.

  • I currently have 3 farmers on my server. I will get them on it ASAP. And get beck to you with are results.

  • Thanks. Another think while we talk :-) Can animals eat crops that are on deeds and if crops on deeds can spread around and start replant themselfs?

  • The Wildlife Can't eat your crops. so not to worry there. The crops you plant will not spreed only the ones you plant will grow. However they will still grow at a slow rate randomly around the map.

  • I just had that happen to me as well. Tilled soil has to be replaced as well as replacing before harvesting tree destroys tree.

  • It looks like soil on which tree is growing is connected with the tree. So if removed, while tree is growing or is laying around, will make it disappear. Also if you till the soil and plant the tree you have to remove the dirt, put it back, till it again and then you can plant a new tree again. Otherwise it will say that it is already planted.

  • i am going to look into it later maybe i can fix this too

  • Can confirm this is a bug; planted tree being cut down, can't plant new one.

    If you remove the soil with a shovel, your cut down tree will disappear (no matter how many pieces you cut,...).
    So never remove your planted tree until you have collected all the wood!

  • according to a few its not a bug just a quick removal process to trees

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