Pollution mechanics a little out of wack?

  • Has anyone noticed early game, that the ground and water pollution seems way more sensitive than before?
    Our river is turning purple and we are going to great lengths to keep the pollution down. At this point we have barely gotten started and already we need to quit using key components (blast furnace, kiln, etc.)

  • Could you give me maybe a bit more info in this? like what you have ? etc and maybe even some pictures showing the issue and what you have around your river?

  • Early over the weekend, the river next to our base had mysteriously turned pink. We had no airborne pollution at the time, so we dived into the river and found random tailings on the riverbed. Nobody had been in the river previously. I was the only one smelting ore (in the bloomery) in the area and have been placing all my tailings inside storage chests. We had also found some random tailings behind one of our buildings near where my chests were, but not close enough to mistakenly place the tailings on the ground instead of the chest. So we regenerated the world and started over.

    Now as we are the admins on our server, we gave ourselves the skill books, building materials, etc etc to build a new base on the newly regenerated world and get us back to where we had been progression-wise. I built a cave, fairly near a river but not next to it, and placed a cement kiln & blast furnace (with chimneys.) I made some iron, steel, rebar, and concrete. Watched the new stats on pollution generation (great idea,) and was happy to know that I hadn't even generated enough pollution to reach 1PPM CO2 (lifetime pollution: 0.0340+0.034071 tonnes)

    Then I realize the green dirt blocks look slightly different to me, and my brain links it to pollution because that's what has happened before. So I went to the river and jumped in, maybe some more random tailings? No, nothing to suggest any ground pollution. I hadn't made any tailings yet at all either. River looks fine till I get to next to our base, and it's pink. The river is 55 to 80 blocks away from the chimneys producing the (air) pollution, depending on the angle (river bends).

    I know that pollution is a big thing, and pollution generators shouldn't be near farmland or water sources. But I also know that (air) pollution isn't strong enough to turn a river foul when it's such a small amount and not directly next to it. Some time later I was notified the river had turned back to blue, leading me to believe you've implemented a natural healing process to the world over time (awesome.)

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I try to be as clear as I can. [Air] pollution seems to be way too strong in regards to the land/water sensitivity to pollution.

  • @Imricdaelf honestly that sounds like someone has been griefing you by placing talings around ... Not sure but i dont think tailings should spawn by them self. Could it be some one griefed you maybe ? since you found random tailings in the water

  • We were not sure if it was intentional or a bug, so we reset our server to test it. Upon restart, everything was ok for a bit, but the river started to turn pink again. No tailings, no intentional pollution. As @Imricdaelf has said, the river has returned to normal hue after a day of no playing.
    Unfortunately, we have no pictures, will try to remedy this if/when it happens again.

  • thanks! Its hard for us to fix bugs like this if we dont know what happens or if its maybe not even a bug. Everything you can gather on information really helps out allot ! =)

  • i have a some what simular cause of this.
    Al tho in my cause the ground pollution just ski rocketed.
    we havent run or factory for 24 hours since there was no need. we have been looking and digging to find a source but have yet to find 1.
    pollution is already at 17%.
    could be unrelated but since it sounded simular thought i would post it here.

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