Server Hard Drive Performance SSD Vs Hard Drive?

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm Currently running a server from ping perfect and it's running off a SSD box. Ever since the 5.5 patch we find are server has been having small lag spikes. Does anyone one know if an Eco server runs better off a normal drive or a SSD? I like to give my players the best performance I can. Being that its a 100 slot 16 Gb ram SSD high performance server, it shouldn't have any lag problems like this. Be for are Ms(Ping) was always around 30-50. And it just over 100 a lot of the time.

  • Currently I'm running my server off a personal server on my LAN. The game itself is running on a 250GB 7200rpm drive from a few years ago and I've noticed lag spikes as well, more so than on 5.4. I haven't tried migrating the game over to an SSD that I just bought for the server but considering the ping for me is average 5ms over the LAN I don't think it's really a network lag so much as just stutters in the game itself.

  • Thanks that explains a bit

  • From what I've seen most servers average around 50ms +, so it might just be down to the networking of the game, or even an inaccurate measurement, with how much the values in the browser can fluctuate.

  • Issue Has Been Resoled.

    Turns out the update turn my disaster timer to 7.0 even know i have the meteor disabled it was rendering on the map. So I reset the timer too 90.0 and the lag is gone meteor too.

    Is there a value I can set that timer # to so it's at like 6 months? What is the timer Value in secs/mins?

  • The Timer should be in real life days, so setting it to 90 makes it 3 real months and 180 should be 6.

  • Thanks :)

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