5.5.1 = The no fun build :(

  • @Siethy said:

    Alright, i been playing around now for a while and i notice the percent to spawn on the animals is the issue its bugged no more animals will spawn no matter what values i change they just wont increase so is there a fix to this or what and as far as the crops to everyone else try tweaking the desired moisture on the ones dying off it seems to help just don't mess with the desires too much you can and probably will kill off the pears like i did when i made no desert on accident Plants will die off if they are no longer in their suitable habitat..

    as for the animals a quick fix would be nice considering they are going to die off on all servers

    Fixed found a soultion to the animal respawn problem

  • Hey Siethy,

    Send you an email about that fix: Did you manage to stop the dieing off, or did you fix it so that they are re-populating again? If so, do the devs know yet and can the community get the answer?


  • Related to animals, I'll just repost what I posted in the relevant thread:

    This is, in fact, a bug. I've tracked it down and fixed it.

    If you do want to get around it, you can change the species change rate for animals to 1.0 (or higher, but I don't really recommend that since 1 is already significantly higher than it should be) and lower the calorie consumption of animals.

    More on topic:

    I've already stated the reasons why I don't want to lock skill trees in another thread - if you're interested I could go find that. The goal is was never really to force cooperation; it's to encourage it. While it might not be as apparent right now, the game does have a lose state and having the be a real possibility is something that does, and will continue to, inform the balance of the game. As always, we're working hard to ensure players and server owners have the tools at their disposal to play the game however they want, so if players don't like the lower number of plants/animals/skillrate it should be easy to change.

    People spending time outside of their own chosen "professions" to cook is indicative of a problem with early cooking and/or the other professions - locking professions would do nothing to fix this but leave those who are not in the cooking profession left even more annoyed and frustrated that they now have NO option to progress. I don't really know what else to tell you but it's a known problem and we're working on improving the other professions and linking them together in a meaningful way.

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