5.5.1 = The no fun build :(

  • This version has turned a super fun game into one of those "play for free" games that ppl only log into to spend thier points and then log back off.
    The high cost of EVERYTHING makes this alot less fun to play.
    Used to be, if I was waiting for my points to accrue, I could go log or mine of hunt, but now, if I do those things, I need like 10X more of them now.
    Not to mention the energy expended to get them done, THEN you have to eat!
    Now this is truly rediculous!! costs me 4 raw sausages to cook just 1?!?! AND 1 raw sausage costs like 10-15 scrap meats?!?
    Cmon man, please stop sucking the fun out of this game. Reduce these outrageous costs for everything.

  • The reason crafting is so expensive in 5.5 is that they want to try allowing everyone to get the basic crafting in each of the trees for cheap, but for only those who specialize in a tree and put points into the efficiency skills to be able to do so efficiently. Chances are they will try something else for 5.6 or a future patch. They're just trying to find the best possible balance for the game.

    5.5 relies a lot more on cooperation, not for one person to do a little bit of everything, and honestly it's more realistic that way. A novice chef won't be able to make the most of his resources.

  • Sure, good idea, but how we had it in the other threats, effivciency is just not efficient right now ;)

  • @Askardius I think it definitely needs some balancing, and options for adjusting to the amount of players, but if you have an efficient amount of raw resources coming in from efficient farmers and hunters, the food seems like it might just hold up, though I haven't really had a chance to see this in action on a bigger server. Expecting every link to be efficient to get things going well enough to advance in tech might be a bit harsh, but at the same time we might just be spoiled by the abundance of food in 5.4.

  • Don´t get me wrong, the basic idea of making things need much more ressources so everyone can learn the cheap skills and make stuff but very inefficient is good. I realy lik it, but actually the efficiency is just way to low. You can get yourself fed and that was it. I play on a bigger server with around 100 people, but nearly everyone takes farming/cooking cause the player who want to specialise on farming/cooking can´t get everyone fed. Not even close. And as in the agriculture threat another big problem is that most servers are way to wet so camas and wheet grows very very slow, without the possibility to dry soil that makes the problem even worse.
    So i realy like the idea of specialising to be realy good in something, but well, if we do, we should be realy good at it.

  • As for food scarcity, it's day 2 on our server and corn/wheat are about non existant except to a few of us who are trying farming.
    I think the annoyance factor was ratcheted up way too much in this build.
    So far it's been almost a week and compared to the other builds, I've only logged a fraction of the time ingame that I did before because of this.
    I'm just not interested in a grinding type of game.

  • I find this build of the game can be like that if your trying to do everything on your own. Everyone on my server has all been working together. About 20 of us now, More everyday. Some play more then others, a couple do just log on to use points and eat. I feel there missing out on the game. No one on my server seems to care about the point sand the grind other then the odd 2-3.. The game is 10x more fun when u grind on one skill. And be the best on the server at something. But this that just my opinion.

  • @Alderone I think that is the intention of the devs too, especially with the store and contract stuff.

  • Alright, i been playing around now for a while and i notice the percent to spawn on the animals is the issue its bugged no more animals will spawn no matter what values i change they just wont increase so is there a fix to this or what and as far as the crops to everyone else try tweaking the desired moisture on the ones dying off it seems to help just don't mess with the desires too much you can and probably will kill off the pears like i did when i made no desert on accident Plants will die off if they are no longer in their suitable habitat..

    as for the animals a quick fix would be nice considering they are going to die off on all servers

  • p.s. soil moisture and tempreature to adjust your biomes i suggest small changes

  • One of the goals of 5.5's skill changes was to make specialization more important while simultaneously allowing players to progress at a faster rate if they so desired. Now, if you want to progress technology at the cost of higher materials, you can. As for efficiency scaling being low, I have to disagree with that for at least at the top end. Early ranks of efficiency are seeing a re-balance to get the values more linear, but they'll still cap out at 80% which is a very, very significant bonus.

    The state of very early game food (survival's campfire cooking skill) is a bit too unwieldy given the time and material costs of the recipes, so that will likely get a significant change. But after farming and better efficiency skills, the higher costs and timers of the food should become more than manageable.

  • What i am seeing on my server is I am doing the farming and cooking, everyone else logs in to eat, spend points and logs out, they are waiting to get their efficiencies high enough that they don't have to eat 4 and 5 times within 20 minutes while getting supplies to make a bloomery.

    I don't think the cost of materials is the problem I think it's the amount they are having to eat just to make something simple. People are spending more time trying to find food and cooking food than they are in their own specialization and that is what is making it not fun. Lower the amount of calories used at first to gather materials but still have the efficiencies get you to the same end point as it currently does.

    Also i think this is a bad way of trying to make people specialize and become cooperative. The best bet would be to lock them into a specialization until maybe they spend 150 points in them, then they can start working on another. The only problem with this is then you can't lock the requirements of one specialization behind another.

    You could create a specialization tree to where they chose their starting profession, say it looks something like this



    • Unlocks
      • Axe
      • Woodworking research
        and let them continue down that tree.


    • Unlocks
      • Pick Axe
      • Stoneworking research
        and let them continue down that tree.


    • Unlocks
      • Hoe
      • Farming Research
        and let them continue down that tree.


    • Unlocks
    • Improved Campfire (I will get to why this is called improved further down)
    • Cooking research
      and let them continue down that tree.


    • Unlocks
    • Bow
      -Hunting research
      and let them continue down that tree.

    Keep them locked to only this profession until they spend 150 skill points in that profession
    Once they unlock their second one they must spend 150 in it to unlock a third profession, but they can still spend points in their first profession if they chose as well but any points spent in their first profession will not count towards the 150 needed in the second to unlock the third.

    With this you could also have what I guess you can call life skills such as gathering, basic campfire cooking (not the things from the cooking skill, they would require the cooking profession and improved campfire)....these would be skills anyone can put points into, in fact I would probably require 10 points be spent in these before unlocking a profession.

    The truth of the matter is people specialize in jobs IRL and the carpenters depend on the metal workers to make the tools they use, everyone depends on the cooks and the cooks depend on the farmers. If you really want to encourage coop play style that's about the only way to do it, otherwise people will always do what they want and not what is in the best interest of the server.... we are human we are flawed, we need guidelines and rules or we will do what suits us every time.

    This also excites me for future possibilities in professions and careers, there could be merchants, bankers, politicians.... the game touches on these some but not in great detail.... but politicians could create laws and be in charge of enforcing those laws and setting punishments ( ie.... you may only kill one wolf per day...very famous law on many servers.... well if you break it the politician could give punishment of no skill point gains for 12 hours, or temporary ban for 1 hour, all dependant upon if it's a first offense of multiple. The politicians would have to research criminal law in order to build a jail, maybe one punishment could be that your character has to spend time in the jail... since time in game changes quicker than RL time i would say use in game time, maybe 1 day in jail.... but that would be one day while logged in, if you log out it continues where you left off when you logged out).

    But locking people to a profession until a certain number of skill points are spent in that profession is about the only way you will accomplish this. 150 skill points is not that hard if you are working on efficiencies and such but it would take them about 2 to 3 RL days to get there maybe make it more but it's something worth playing around with and would encourage cooperation on a server, because let's face it a carpenter isn't making a saw mill without a metal worker helping them..... but currently its just eat some decent food log back in every day to eat log out, and when you get enough skill points take smithing..... that's what is happening now, locking professions would make them talk to the metal workers, find out what they need and trade and barter for the items you need..... as long as all i have to do is logout and wait, why play during that time i'm building skills and why depend on others.

  • Locking specialisations would ruin single player for those that still want to try whether effective or not

  • Nothing is stopping you from using the administrative commands to give yourself more skillpoints or completely unlock the skill tree or even give yourself a full stomach that will makes out your skillpoints, stop whining and give the developers time to develop a game that's in ALPHA!


  • @Chrisyou you could always set it so that if there is only one player on the server that the professions don't lock, but upon a second player joining the server that the first profession you started in is the one you get locked to until you spend the appropriate amount of skill points in that profession.

  • @Beercules This is still in Alpha and its a very great Alpha, very polished and a great game..... but as you said it is in Alpha which means the developers want to hear from the player base, that's part of the process. But I agree it shouldn't be a complaint session it should be report bugs, give suggestions and constructive criticism but not whining.

    Like you i do see a lot of people just complaining, and very little feedback on the things that are working great. Also if people have an issue with something don't just complain about it, talk about it.... explain why you feel it is bad, and provide suggestions of ways to possibly fix it or work around it.... no game is perfect especially in Alpha

    By the way to all the Devs awesome game keep up the great work you have a fan for life.

  • I think 5.5.1 is better version then other version that were out issues has always been how skill points are handed out and still is, its just a fight between people who like system and people who do not along with people who just want to play and have it open skill system and people who do not - but mostly people who like system usually want tech to go slower and people who do not just want to play game and earn points as they play.

    I think they could do a mix bettween two systems and it probably make every one happy then you could just yet server admins control how the skill points are handed out. so people who just want to play and earn skills by doing things and not have to wait can and people who just want to play waiting game can do that.

    alot of games do this - ark - empryion galactic surival, and new conan game they both use both systems one in eco and one where u earn by doing and then its up to server owners to decide how they want game to be played and people can pick what ever system they want.

    they could also allow server owners ability to control speed at which it is handed out and if they can be handed out offline or not.

    I am sure alot more server options for customization come out as game is released with each version.

  • @midn8t said:

    they could also allow server owners ability to control speed at which it is handed out and if they can be handed out offline or not.

    I am sure alot more server options for customization come out as game is released with each version.

    5.5.2 will have the option of adjusting skillpoint gain and plant growth, afaik.

  • You could always hand out something at player creation to help the get points faster so they have more to do in a short time
    instead of logging training the 4 skills and logging out

  • We started our world by giving everyone 50 Elk Tacos to jump-start points and to help with early food. We ate through those by day 2 but by then we were starting to hunt and the cooks had some efficiency so that seemed to work for us. Maybe get the admin to try that for you?

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