Major bug with the bloomery 5.5.1

  • Just tried to smelt a bunch of iron and the progress got stuck on 10%. Had plenty of fuel and was powered and was in good status and plenty of storage space but it wasn't moving. So I canceled the order to place it again and it deleted all the iron ore that I had used to start the order. Like 70 something.

  • Ingredients being deleted when you cancel orders is a known issue. Were you looking at the progress bar the whole time? It doesn't seem to update very well in 5.5.1 for some reason.

  • I started the work order with nothing in storage but the iron ore. I came back 20ish minutes later and the progress was at 10% and I had no bars in my inventory.

  • Hmm, haven't seen that happen before, guess we got ourselves a new bug.

  • You may have done what I did. You can set to craft more then you have on you, starting the crafting without needing to have the resources and add them in later. When I did this I set to much gold to smelt then what I had. So the crafting paused. I thought it was glitched and cancelled the crafting. Thinking I lost a bunch of gold. But I didn't i just just set it to crafting amount to more then what I had to smelt. Is it possible you did the same thing I did?

  • Nope that's not what I did

  • Good news! This issue seems like it will be fixed in 5.5.2 :)

  • Awesome

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