[Staging 5.5.2 #E1e2f236] blast furnace and bloomery not seeing other tabs other than crafting

  • blast furnace and bloomery i cant see any other tab other then crafting and in the crafting most options are missing, even tried to delete the cache folder in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games and even deleted the strange loop games in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Strange Loop Games and deleted the client and redownloaded the staging.

    still can't get it to work :c tried server reboots, switching to different computers, and plopping down another furnace still nothing changed still only have the crafting tab and only charcoal shows up in craft,

    all the other crafting options are saying

    Requires <style="Skill">[Skill]</style>
    Level 5

    and when i first go up to the furnace it doesn't show anything until i click on the crafting tab

    a pic of the blast furnace menu

    1 of the updates fixed it \O/

  • Got the same issue. Tried to build a new house, put the quarry there. Tried a friends quarry. Built a new quarry an tried to use that. I also removed the client and stuff, nothing works. Seems like there is some sort of persistent user-data on the server which holds the corrupt state, because removing everything about the client or restarting the server doesn't do anything.

    Such a weird bug. Hope they solve this.

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