Why isn't this game out on steam

  • I was wondering if there is an actual reason why this isn't out on steam yet? Like I know we all get steam keys and what not for when it does come out on it. But there is plenty of other EA titles on steam. Why not this one?

  • the game is still in early alpha stages, they havent fully finished the product they want to release to the steam store, they did make a post about it somwhere, but from what i remember they where going to release it to steam once they had finished the beta

  • ya, but why?

    Like I said, there is plenty of other EA games on steam.

  • with alpha stage games there are updates ever day or every few days/weeks, with betas the updates are smaller and not as often, people dont like downloading new updates every couple hours to play for a bit then keep redownloading new updates, also with the current alpha there are a lot of bugs and crashing problems left the weed out, why put an almost unplayable game for some people out and get constant negative feed back when they can wait until they get those problems fixed and minimalize the negative feedback and get better reviews for a much more stable game

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