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  • Hello Siethy,

    Welcome to Eco. The launcher for Eco is Very simple download it and extract it into a folder you have made called Eco somewhere on your hard drive. I put mine into program files. Then simply double click the game file to start the game.

    Once in the game you will be on a server list. adding a known server by ip is currently not working on the server list at the moment so you will just have to pick a server. If you like a server you can click the box on the left of it to favorite the server to your list.

    To get white-listed to a private server you will need to contact that servers owner or admin. Or you can join 1 of meany community servers that are public to everyone like the one I am currently running. (ECO WASTE)

    If your looking for tutorials we have a couple on are you tube and also are on website(links below).

    As far as commands for basic players there are not meany. But they work like minecraft.


    Shows online player list

    I'm sure they will add more as the game gets further in development.

    Mods are slim to none at this time but there are some.

    Others can get to a map for your server by the in game link or if a server provides a link on there website like seen on

    If you have any other questions I would be happy to help as best I can

  • This post is deleted!

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