5.5.1 feedback on material costs.

  • I find that some of the material costs is way out of proportion and not realistic.

    all chared foods take 3 or 5 raw to make the cooked (your telling me that if I take an ear of corn and stick it on the campfire It'll take 3 ears to get one ear of corn back?)

    lumber takes 10 logs? Boards take 5 logs? (Back to real life, one log will generally yield around 10 boards and as far as lumber which is basically an 8x8 board you can get at least one per log.)

    Ingots of all types. (I would say this is closer to real life but I think 2 ore would be more appropriate of a proportion.)

    And butchery is way screwed up. (I have butchered elk and other animals in my life, and to say that prepared meat AKA a steak does not take a whole elk to make. lets be serious here as the elk gives 10 raw meat when butchered and you can only get 1 prepared meat out of it. And raw sausage taking 20 scrap meat? I can make enough sausage to from 20 scraps of meat off a single elk to make 10 to 20 sausages.)

    Sorry if this seems like a rant but it feels like this went from a simulation to a goal of destroying the ecology of the planet. If this is still a sim then it should follow some realistic norms.

  • The reason certain recipes are more expensive now is to try out having cheap entry-level skills, and needing efficiency skills to really be able to get a lot from them. Chances are they will be balanced more in the future.

  • I agree with what Flix79 has stated. I understand the need of the efficiency skills but the start up is still way too high. Your efficieny points don't count for enough in the beginning. For the amount of materials you are requiring the 3rd level efficiency should cost fewer points and gain a higher %.
    Ideally there would be several people in each professional skill to be able to concentrate on just that one skill but realistically that's not the case. Most of the servers are VERY LUCKY to have 6 steady players and even then only 2 to 4 on at any given time.
    What would be ideal is to make available an ability to set the game as say EASY/Moderate/Hard or set to amount of people playing.
    Easy=3 to 6 players
    Moderate=7 to 11 players
    Hard=12 and up
    Set the amount of materials required to the amount of people playing.
    Or Another suggestion...a slider for materials required say 25/50/75/100. Let people choose how hard they want the game to be...that way as a teaching tool used in large classrooms your setup would work as intended. For the rest of us we could actually enjoy the game the way it best suits us to play.
    Thanks for Listening

  • @Joshiki I know there are definitely going to be scaling options both for skillpoints and for plants in the future, this may very well be the way to move forward for everything else too, guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • Over all I'm like the cost so far personally

  • I can understand a high cost at first, you give a guy a log for the first time ever and tell him you need a perfect 2x4 out of it, it may take him a few logs to get there honestly. But the costs should have a better efficiency rating, I mean more realistic would be yes a beginner may take a few logs to get a perfect board but as he becomes more proficient (which is what efficiency is supposed to be simulating) that same person would end up getting multiple boards out of one log. So yeah I can see 5 logs to get a board at first, but once maxed out when your proficient then you should maybe get between 3-5 boards from one log.

    Same can be said for butchering a deer, my first deer my uncle talked me through it but made me cut it up myself....so much meat was wasted, but now a days no meat gets wasted, over the years I became better and better and I probably get 3 times the meat out of a deer compared to my first one.

    You want realist simulation then high costs at first sure, but the max efficiency then needs to be better than 80% it should maybe be 150%.

    I understand the lower skill points to get new skills or improve those skills, but at the same time you severely dropped the number of skill/day that you get from the food as well and that in a way didn't make the ratio much better, cheaper skill point costs but higher materials, but the skill points for day dropping so much it really doesn't allow for the lower skill requirements to truly effect the game much differently. Honestly the only real change in progression that I have seen is I spend more time away from the game than i did before because in order to get the higher cost of materials I am using way more calories way quicker and i just cant cook enough food fast enough to keep up, not to mention the farming needs some work. I play on a very populated server of 21 active people and farming is a must, but even with perfect temp and moisture my crop growth rate is like 40% because of the nutrients, but the nutrients aren't easy to figure out, you need a masters in mathematics and science to get anywhere near 80% growth rate, do you really think kids in school learning from this game are going to want to spend the hours it will take to research the nutrients and then calculate exactly what fertilizers you need to even get close to an 80% growth rate.

    So in retrospect i find myself playing less because the high costs of materials has me burning through calories too quickly and with less skill points from the food I am not leveling my efficiency in a time efficient manner so I am having to wait 12 hours for my crops to grow so I can make food to play for 10 minutes and be out of food and calories again and then wait another 12 hours to play again..... I didn't think this game was meant to be played 20 minutes a day, it has way too much potential to actually keep me entertained for hours at a time but i think the time efficiency of the game went down between 5.4 and 5.5. It has become wait for crops to grow log in spend the skill points harvest the food cook it, gather as many materials as I can before getting too low on calories and then log out to wait 12 hours for the crops to grow, rinse repeat.

  • I realy like the idea of very high starting costs, and low skillpoint costs for the basic talents. The main problem actually, as i see it, is that efficiency is not effiecient.
    I was going for cooking and food in general with 5.5, cause i made it in 5.4 without farming and i wanted to see the difference. The idea was, that i provide a bunch of people with good food and the can specialice on something else. Well with the actual skills we have the problem, even with efficiency i barely get my own food consumption done. So there is no food to provide to others. All the others have the same problem, so actualy everyone is specialising on food and farming, cause you need food to get stuf done. That means, for exampel, on a server with 90 people we actually have 1 (yes ONE) who is specialised in smelting and in the other skilltrees it doesnt look better.
    So the starting point is fine but efficiency has to be much much more efficient, at the moment with all the specialisation you get near the starting point of 5.4 and that cant be the way to go, otherways i will never feed a bunch of other people and in the end we are all a big bunch of farmers and cooks.

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