Server Host Issue: 'Aborted add operation... at growing octree' Please Help

  • I recently started up a server. The first time, I had no issues recorded in the command log, but it was taking forever to connect with no signs of It doing anything beyond, so I exited. Second time, I immediately get the text 'Aborted add operation as it seemed it was going on forever (20) attempts at growing the octree' and it just repeated itself over and over. Not sure what to do, looking for advice from you guys, please help!

  • Can you email me the save? Storage/

    eric at strangeloopgames dot com

  • I am getting the same issue. When I first started my server everything worked great. It has been running for several days now with no issues. I decided to restart the server (no real reason, just to restart it every few days or so) and now when i start it I get the same error. I'm not trying to hijack the thread, I just wanted to make sure the same error was kept together so solutions weren't scattered throughout for the same issue. I can start a new thread if needed. Also, has anything been found regarding this error yet?



    Looking around, and it appears as though after a minute or so of that error spamming in the console, the server crashes. here is a pastebin of the crashdump; not sure if it will be useful or just a result of the error being spammed.

    I should also mention my server is running verison 5.6.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit.

  • To my knowledge nothing has been discovered yet though I did send the email with the logs attached so hopefully something comes out of it. I've been a little busy with tests and exams coming up but I'm wondering if just reinstalling the server download with fix the issue, perhaps some code is just malfunctioning randomly causing the error code and we just have the bad batch, hehe.

  • it seems to be an issue with the save. I backedup and removed everything in the storage folder and started the server again and it comes up fine; its generating terrain as I type this(300x300 takes a little while to generate). Once it comes up i'll let it sit for a little while then restart it and see if i get the same error.

  • I've tested a few things out and so far it seems like this issue may be caused by some sort of corruption in the save.

    1. backing up and clearing my storage directory allows for the server to start, but you loose all progress so far.
    2. restoring everything back to the way it was still produces the error.
    3. copying one of the .eco files from the Backup directory to the Storage directory and renaming it to allows for the server to start again; this time with all the progress from that save point.(i wasn't sure if the .eco files in the backup directory was a backup of the due to the significant size difference, but I tried it anyway and it seems that it is the backup of the; i assume its larger maybe due to some memory being saved with it; this is just a guess though).

    the tests above make me think the error we are getting may be caused by save corruption; especially since i can load one of the backup files and it starts just fine again.

    Hope this helps anyone that finds themselves with this issue.

  • I think the current max world size known to us is 250x250

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