Aggriculture, how it works ?

  • @toxxikz
    Im saying if you want to lower it yea, i dont know if it needs to be lower for corn.
    And if you lower it thath way you have to make sure the other value's stay high enoug and if not add extra fertilizer.
    and keep in mind to not wait to long after the wheat lowered it else the land will regenerate itself again.

  • Recent Agriculture Observations:

    Nutrients seem to be per plot, not per block. Maybe mixed farming on a plot would help keep stable nutrient levels for all plants if crops are balanced correctly on the plot?

    Having an issue targeting the dirt block under your plant with a soil sampler? Test the side. The plant and the block give different tooltips, so if you are trying to minmax your plots and are getting frustrated, this should help.

    I wanted to figure out more today, but got a tad sidetracked. I hope my info is helping folks and if you notice something that contradicts what i saw, let's hear it!

  • The temperature and moisture I have down, and I have been experimenting with the fertilizers but my issue is this...

    Perfect temp and moisture both at 100% for my beets but growth rate of 42% and Yield of 35%

    Nutrients are as follows

    So i add fertilizer to raise the first one (Nitrogen) it goes up to 72 and growth rate drops to 39%

    I wait for the nitrogen to return to the base of 54 and the growth rate to return to 42% then I add fertilizer to raise the second one it goes up to 69 and the growth rate drops to 40%

    I did the same for the third one, same result.... adding fertilizer of any kind seems to lower the growth and yield rate. Someone had said to grow a different crop to lower the nutrients, but after you harvest that crop the soil tries to return to base. it's just frustrating to find the correct temp and moisture just to have the nutrients too high and nothing you can do about it.

  • So, how does the water spread works in that case? And is rainfall only based on the Biome?
    The block is cleary underwater, and even the ones in the lake are 0%.

    And also, on another Block:
    Why are those nutrients still rising when a) the 4x4 Plot is planted, b) D (Delta) is showing -15/-18. (watching thevalues for over an hour, plant growth values are decreasing)

  • Hello

    Do different plants have different relationships with each other same as in the real world? Like wheat and beet do not grow together, both require the same basic materials, corn and beans promoting mutual growth as different basic materials are needed? Does the Earth regenerate when there are no plant on it?

  • @Alude
    From what i can tell plant have no relations with each other, that the grow bad or good with each other.
    But depending on the plant needs and the type of soil you are planting the crops on, some crops can be combined better.
    Cause of the different amount of Nitrogen,Phosphorus,potassium every plant needs.

    for your second question, Yes land regenerate's itself pretty quickly when there's no crops on it, (and no crops close to it,)
    If you sample the soil, you can see all the value's.

    C is the current value of the land.
    P is the predicted value in the next tick (10 minutes).
    D is the delta, or change in value, per tick before regen and area checking.
    B is the base value which the current will approach up to if the delta is not greater than the regen.

  • Who need so a complex thing.


  • @GhostRat I have to say, I do not agree with you, Farmers need this info for best farming strategies. Maybe you do not care about it, but many do ;)

  • Sorry it ist too many work and skilling only for plants.

  • What the problem is - agriculture is not clear.
    Adding different fertilizers may raise certain amounts of elements present in the ground but what we do not know, is how those will affect plants. So we can only practice basing on trial and error procedure.

    When I have to feed 6 or 7 people I do not really have time to have fun with fertilizers, nor with aqueducts (since 6.3.1 they require concrete). I just put enormous farm in area where desired plants grow, check with soil sampler to find best spots based only on moisture and temperature. Flag the ground, plow the ground, seed the land - wait for results.

    If I have a farm with 300+ wheat growing, +3 gathering skill - thats ~ 1800 wheat, which is 350 flour -> over 100 pies per one go.

    Can we make a pool? because I am afraid that those stats are going to be wasted, agriculture is too compllicated because it does not provide enough information and the only thing I need from it is either grassland seed yield (for camas) or access to soil sampler.

    If each plant had more information, as a tooltip of seed type and each fertiliser had exact amounts of each elements I could perhaps start using this skill properly.

    Base idea of agriculture is good, but it needs to be improved.

  • I completely agree this agriculture thing is far.. far too complex for what you get out of it. The instructions of what you need to do are opaque where literally nobody who is even an experienced player can possibly figure this skill out.

    I want to grow some crops in my back yard (perhaps even a greenhouse?) so I don't need to go gallivanting around the world on various advantures trying to pick up food at various plots.... and of course build road networks to each plot of land.

    My father-in-law is a professional agronomist who has actually done this kind of soil analysis IRL, and this is beyond what even he would be doing.

    I don't mind some complexity, but instructions on what is to be done (aka a County Ag Agent at the very least) are desperately needed.

    Simple stuff like knowing you can increase yields and seed counts with skill point investment is nice. The whole thing of even knowing if you plant something in the ground and if it will actually grow a crop is beyond insane. Experiments be damned, this is downright frustrating and overly complex.

    A professor of Ag Science (I happen to know a few as there is an Ag college in the town I'm living in right now) would get frustrated with this game.

  • I've been tinkering with farming and have a spreadsheet i've been working on. Not complete but a good enough guide for those getting started.

  • I have a problem with moisture. It can give me like 70% match on moisture. But after say 1 hour the moisture has changed to 10% match... Why is that? It can go up and down... Obviously with water u increase moisture... can u decrease it by removing damning up water sources?

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