Food situation unbalanced?

  • Does anyone else feel like 5.5 is completely unbalanced with the food situation? 20 wheat for 1 flour. My server only spawned with 200 wheat, so I'll deplete that super quick, even with farming working. Everything just seems super unbalanced with the update.

  • It'll take a few days to figure out if it's actually imbalanced or not, at the moment I think everyone is just experiencing a knee-jerk reaction to being forced to adapt to the new system. At the moment we're getting by fairly well on the Greenleaf server but I'd be lying if I didn't say it was more challenging.

    I personally think the new tweaks are forcing groups to work together much more closely and focus on getting efficiency skills, once you gain those skills the recipes aren't as bad. You can get to 55% with efficiency skills within a few days without an issue if you specialize in a few skills instead of diversifying.

    The last update I played was 5.3 and I was able to solo build most stuff while relying on only one friend for the rest of the stuff I needed. Now I find it requires groups of 4+ to see any kind of progress.

    To quote Craig, he said
    I've been pretty restrained in jacking up the prices of constructions (and most of them haven't changed much since 4.0) but that's going to significantly change going forward. There is going to be a huge emphasis placed on efficiency and speed skills to encourage specialization through that rather than simply the ability to perform a task. Not only should this help specialization, but it should give players who are on a lot a bigger reason to gather resources and create means of doing so.

  • @Object I think the reason for the abundance of food in 5.4 was the lack of farming.

    In 5.5 you kinda need to start farming as soon as possible, at least if you have a lot of people playing. Craig mentioned adding modifiers for the plants and skills so we can quickly adapt the settings to the amount of people playing. A modifier to change the skill rate (really just makes time go faster) will be in 5.5.2, hopefully the modifiers for plants will be added at some point too.

  • There is a time multiplier in server gui config under simulation. It effects skills and plants

  • @donald12999 There is but the new one will not change the time.

  • Yea. There's one that effects the day night cycle. Its separate, but it's there

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