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    GreenLeaf Team wants to make a donation towards the people that like Eco: Global Survival Game, and by that we mean we want to give some game keys to those that want to join us but can't afford it at the moment.

    GreenLeaf Server is the top most voted server for Eco. We have a lot of fun playing the game as a community, and we make the best out of Strange Loop Games development time by starting with
    the contruction of a great server early on. We have Administrators on the game server as well as on Discord, around the clock! They are there to help with any problem related to the game serve regardless of your
    time zone.
    We keep improving and expanding the server based on what is required and asked for, by the community.

    We will keep the server running through every step of the game, and considering we have a lot of fun playing it, we will do our best to give a unique and fun experience to our community.

    All we ask of you, for these game keys, is to show some love towards the developers of the game by giving them a Like and a Share on social media, and in a short message
    (or a very long one, you decide) tell us why you would like to play the game or how you would play the game if you won a game key.

    We wont ask you to say you will join GreenLeaf Server, but I'm sure you will stay if you gave us a chance (it happened before).

    The GreenLeaf GAME KEY GIVEAWAY starts now 24.MArch.2017, and will end on 27.March.2017 at 20:00 +2GMT.
    After the two game keys will be given away, we will announce the winners on this thread.

    This is the first, BUT surely not the last GIVEAWAY GreenLeaf will make towards the ECO community.

    Eco Survival Game Facebook Page:
    GreenLeaf Facebook Page:
    GreenLeaf Website:
    Vote for server:

    Best of luck and we hope to see you ingame!

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  • I think this is an awesome thing to do!

    I have been watching the development of this game for a good while now, and the potential teaching aspects of it make it more valuable than the "sticker price". In today's society the hustle bustle of everyday life often times keeps peoples thoughts away from the true impact we have on the environment. After all, we have an infinite supply of everything right down the street at the store - right?
    If this game could affect only 1% of the current generation...

    Due to lack of funds in general, I lost track of development for a while ~ and I'm very excited to see the progress made during my absence.

    Best of luck to all who enter!

  • It looks like an awsome game!
    I would build a community then aim for WORLD DOMINATION! muhahaHAHAHA..

  • this is a nice game that remind player to plan what need to do.
    the wrong path will lead to lost world.
    teamwork will be needed if want to advancing better community quicker.

    i really looking forward to this game and hopefully can get 1 for myself.

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    There is still time to register and get one of the two game keys, we are giving away!
    In a short message (or a very long one, you decide) tell us why you would like to play the game or how you would play the game if you won a game key!

    Good luck!

  • i would try to buil a sustainable world to keep myself and the planet in working order

  • Hey I would like to play the game because it seems really cool and great, I've been following the development for months and its truly amazing but sadly too expensive for me.. I also wanna play it because I love how it combined a realistic economy, survival, country game and not only that but adds educational aspects to it! If I had it I would just immerse myself in the vast nature and graphics of the game and make my own country for me and the great friends I will make on the game! I would really just like to thank you so much for the amazing opportunity you have presented me with this giveaway! Thank you so much - Jordan!

  • This may sound fake but please trust me this isn't a sob story to make you pick me it's the truth, I've been following the development of this game for a while and it brings me joy to see it evolve, sadly I cant afford it because my mum recently died from lung cancer because she wouldn't stop smoking and the funeral ate all our savings. I feel like this game would help me cope by bringing me happiness.

  • This game offers a great opportunity to participate in a group effort to save the planet and I would gladly join a server that has an active community. I'd pick a profession that best supports other players in the group, whether putting on a chef's hat and investing my points into cooking to provide Bear Supreme and Camas bread for max sp/d for the people that love to dig to mine and smelt; or invest my time into smelting/masonry and digging elaborate mine networks which I liked to do in other games. This game educates about environment and the impact we have on it. Thru working together towards a common goal and balancing the ecosystem we can defeat the meteor and limit the impact of our actions on the environment. And with 5.5 and farming working it would allow players to have a truly sustainable eco world. I would like to make videos on you tube so others can see how great this game is and help the community grow. And thank you for having this giveaway.

  • I would like to play this game because it is immersive and adds a realistic yet a fun way to play the game. Furthermore I also would like to play the game because whilst having fun, you also get the education of what the impact of your actions will have on the environment in real life which is very unique and is definitely one of the many things that captured my attention in this game, because I have never seen a game like this before! Also if I had this game I would first of all enjoy the vast landscape the game has to offer (I've seen it in the screenshots- it's great) Then I will get to know the community, be kind, make friends and work together, join a profession which best suits me and hopefully create a utopia that works for everyone and everything, most importantly I'd make the most of the game and have fun!

    I'm creative and imaginative, so when I first saw this game I was shocked, I never knew something like this existed, this is the only game I have seen ever that I captivated and intrigued me so much and it's the only game that has made me certain that I'd play for hours and hours on end without getting bored. I love the recent addition of taxes, and currency etc! As I said I'm imaginative and creative so all updates are exciting.

    Thank you for offering the opportunity for me/others to earn the chance to receive a gamekey for the game, and I'm extremely grateful that you have offered this and took the time to gift people this. Thank you - TJ

  • This game looks great, from the eye-opening scenery to the mind-filling details of the game. This game first captured my attention a couple of weeks ago. I've wanted it ever since! I have been dedicating myself to watching people on youtube play this game- it has only furthered my interest. I love the care, attention to detail and the realistic mind-set that this game has.

    Working as a team to achieve a ''perfect'' world that works for all is something we all dream of,but on here you can- or at least try. If I had this I would pick a profession, work hard, make friends and enjoy myself. Thank you for this giveaway, I'm truly happy that this is being offered.

  • My family has this game, and I'd like to join them. It's being used (by us at least) as in immersive tool for science. It's a way to see how what you do can affect everything around you, and a challenge to build a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.
    We're all fans of Minecraft, so a similar game appealed, especially since it has more features (affecting the world having consequences and causing animals to be extinct vs a cow just spawning because it's light enough).

    We all like to play together in friendly communities on multiplayer worlds, and are eager to add this to our list of "Family Favorites".

  • Well first of all, I am still amazed by seeing Eco beeing such a success for such a niche educational game about balancing technological progress and nature's order.

    I really love this concept, espacially that the world you are playing will be different, not just because of the random-gen world, but also because of the people you play with and their decisions. From looking at it, I hope there will be more of a need for continous material usage beside fuel (such things as repairing or building new tools because old one broke).

    If I should get into the game, I would probably play on a public server and I would want to experience the way people are handling their environment. I though about going private, but on a private server, you are way too much in touch with your fellow players, which leads to "perfectly planned" scenarions. Although I want to achieve that on the public server, you are also playing with strangers which each have their own opinion and preferences.

  • We have come to a conclusion on the GreenLeaf Game Keys GIVEAWAY. We will send out two private messages to the accounts we have chosen, and after they will receive their game key, with their permission, we will make their names public on this thread and ask for the thread to be closed.

    We thank you all for participating in the giveaway and showing so much interest in the game.
    We hope to have another giveaway soon, with many more game keys and opportunities.

    GreenLeaf Team.

  • #inb4 closing
    Congratulations to the lucky two people!

  • Thank you for the opportunity to win good luck to everyone <3

  • Thank you all for entering! It was quite a challenge picking the winners!

  • If the second player don't respond in the next 24 hours, to complete the giveaway, third place will take his/her place. We will keep you up to date with everything.

  • Maybe 48h since giveaway closing?
    (Unless it is me, I don't know where I would to look for an inbox for messages :( )

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