5.5 feedback.

  • We've been playing on our 5.5 server for a few hours now and we (my girlfriend and I) would like to give you our feedback:

    Migration from 5.4 to 5.5: This was super easy and worked flawlessly the first time. I would say that there needs to be a good write-up that is clear on exactly how it is done. I say this because I was able to figure it out quickly because I'm fairly intelligent and have a ton of experience with dedicated servers. Finding the correct migration tool and such was a little complicated, so it might be nice to have the tool linked on the server files page, although from what I understand this tool should not be necessary going forward.

    User interface: We absolutely love the new changes to the interface with the color coordination, the click on links to take you straight to the research tree, etc. Every single detail so far has been wonderful and made playing the game so much more seamless and enjoyable. Well done! In particular the addition of the hotkeys was a much needed improvement and we are looking forward to more keybinding in the future.

    Carts: So far we have had none of the previous issues with carts. They have worked much more fluidly and we have not had the issues with not being able to use them or having them get stuck. One thing we would like to bring up is that deeds and deed control is still an issue. For example we have a cart that we can't find the deed to and cannot pickup. I'm sure we have the deed we simply can't find it among the various dozens of containers. If the future includes more deeds for various items, it might become a more serious problem.

    Animals: We have noticed no particular changes here although it does seem like populations are fluctuating more, but could just be our imagination.

    Plants: Our world initially only had 5 bean plants total when we started it in 5.4. Now with 5.5 it seems to have sprouted more bean plants and we've also noted more species in the wild. Perhaps again not anything changed on your end, but worth noting.

    Calories/skill gain: Since there are only two of us, we play with a multiplier of 50. We definitely noticed the huge change in how much food now changes your balance and it seems to be more responsive and easier to manage. We love the skill per day being added to the bar as it makes it much easier to see and keep track of. The added calorie reduction branch in the skill tree is truly a gift from the gods. Well done.

    Weight / carrying capacity: Right off the bat we implemented points into the strong back section and both of us have noted that it seems to be a bit out of balance at the moment. Previously in 5.4 I would bring back perhaps a 100 huckleberries and a 100 wheat at time. This seemed pretty fair and encourage exploration. Now I am bringing back over a 1000 of a crop and it definitely feels unrealistic to be hauling back 1000 corn, 500 wheat, and a bison carcass. With how the rest of the game feels, we both think this doesn't seem to fit. Sure it is nice to have that kind of capacity, but we feel like it encroaches on the cart mechanic quite a bit and might need some pruning.

    Weight / carrying capacity part 2: We noticed a lag inducing problem with logging. My girlfriend was cutting down trees and splitting the logs into smaller pieces. Each time she struck the log it would cause a lag spike, something not previously seen in 5.4. The game did not crash and no error reports were being created, but there was definitely lag being generated. Memory usage on the server was still consistent at just over 549 MB and it was using only about 20% of the CPU, which is normal for our setup. (Dedicated server is an AMD eight core 3.4ghz machine with 8GB RAM running Windows 10.) Do not know what the cause of this lag was and have not seen it duplicated with any other mechanic yet.

    Big shovel: This was a huge improvement. Being able to pull 10 items from a chest is absolutely what the normal shovel needs to be doing by default. Please consider making this a permanent change to the regular shovel!

    So far we have not noted any new bugs other than ones already stated such as the stairs, etc. Other than the lag with the logging mentioned above, everything seems to be running quite smoothly. We have noticed it does seem a little more difficult to jump up inclines, but neither of us could determine if it was really a problem or just us getting used to the game again. FPS is great, we are both playing on 1080P and easily getting above our 60 FPS V-Sync limits. I can include computer specs if it would be of use to you on both the two client PC's and the server PC.

    So far so good, and 5.5 has made us very happy! Looking forward to seeing how the game evolves!

    Rory & Christine

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