Predicting tree fall.

  • Is there any way to predict which way a tree will fall when you cut it down? Seems pretty random unless you're cutting a tree near water. Then Murphy's law takes over and it ALWAYS falls in the water >.<

  • Pro Tip:
    As soon as you make you last hit that cuts the tree from the root jump towards to tree and bump it. If you get your timing just right it will push the tree over in the direction you pushed it.

  • I do that but it doesn't always work. I've lost 5 trees on my little island to falling in the water. I've bumped the shit out of them trying to get them to fall forward and they just seem pulled towards the water lol. And once it falls in the water I just say screw it and dig up the stump. Not messing around with trying to gather the wood from the water.

  • I swear the game is against me. I just cut down a tree and it literally lunged for the water. Didn't even fall like normal it just shot towards the water.

  • Make sure there is no dirt block higher then the root next to it. They don't always fall the way you want but I find they work almost all the time unless theirs a dirt pile beside the tree. and your timing must be perfect

  • as he said as you swing the last hit jump into the tree with it dont wait for the last hit to take then jump....jump while you make your last swing, works fine for me 1 out of 10 go the wrong direction

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