Mining Glitch Found

  • Well picking a stone if you switch to your shovel, it auto-picks the stone right into your shovel. This needs to be fixed because you only use the amount of calories you would with one swing.

  • Will add that this can happen with shovels too, where you dig up two blocks before the server realizes you dug the first one and you end up with two blocks in your shovel.

  • No not that you pick up 2 blocks you still only get one block. But you only have to do one swing and switch from pick axe to shovel as you swing. So basically you only need to make one swing at a chuck of stone or ore you can break up the stone or ore as you pick it up. So you start your swing with your pick axe and end up automatically end up with the piece on your shovel. So you basically skip the shoveling step.

    I can post a video on this matter when I get home from work if you would like?

  • I know that, I was just pointing out that this ALSO happens in a way where you can pick up two blocks with a shovel :D

  • Oh sorry I didn't realize that lol

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