An idea on Diet

  • I do like the ideas so far on how a balanced diet gives you a bump in skill production however I'd like to see different diets come into play.

    IE: a ketogenic diet, 60% protein, 15+%fat/vitamins, >10% carbs would give you a boost in work done and hinder some skill points

    paleo diet that is vitamin based and gives you a bonus for only having 1 meat/protein based meal in your stomach. Maybe boost in hunting and gathering?

    or a carb based diet to give a boost in normal skill point production, the idea being carbs are the fuel of the body and brain. This also goes into having trouble doing work for long periods of time, see american diet for details.

    Then of course vegan / vegetarian diet gives you some sort of green thumb for agriculture? Just throwing ideas out and I welcome any other ideas or critiques. However if this is an educational game then why not embrace the idea of different dieting methods and use real world scenarios to make the point stick.

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