Game keeps making my PC crash, any help?

  • Game keeps making my PC crash, any help? My computer just turns off then turns its self back on, I have took my PC apart and got read of all the dust but it still keeps crashing, is it because the game is in beta it keeps doing this? I'm playing on all the basic graphics settings too, my PC is like 4 years old but I can happily play Arma & Day-Z on Ultra settings but my PC can't handle ECO a game with less going on. Is it time to upgrade my PC? If so RAM or graphics card ect? Thanks Brad

  • I had this problem when I first installed the game. My issue was that I had the game installed to my C:/desktop witch was running off my SSD. What i did to fix it was remove the game, and extract the install file from the game download right into your gaming storage hard-drive(Normal Hard-Drive) and locate it under my Program Files. (Make sure to extract the both the files from the download)

    Or try. installing the 32bit compared to the 64bit or vice-versa (Make sure your installing the proper OS version of the game)

    If that does not help it is most likely a problem with your PC itself

  • Howdy ! if your pc crashes when running eco then there must be something else wrong. We are aware of that eco will utilize 100% of your computer performance right now, Even on high en system because of some missing optimization. But that should not turn of your computer unless there is something else critically wrong with your pc. Like heat issues that is often caused by heat as an example. Removing dust from your cpu and gpu resolves this issue in most cases. Also if you have any overclocking you might wanna disable that because overclocking can make your pc unstable.

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