help got a dissease

  • still after 2 days got the sickness and cant play for two wwhole days how do i cure it anyone knows??

  • @Alderone so anything u found out?

  • Sorry I have been eating the Elk Taco's and nothing yet. I will let you know if and when I get sick. I take a look into all the items available in game at the moment and i'm afraid i don't see anything that looks like it could be a cure to this.

  • Sorry, this was a joke JohnK put into the game and it was meant to stop when you logged out, however a bug causes it to persist. It should be fixed by a server restart.

  • ok will try to get a hold of the server guy to try to restart it

  • Have you tried...

    More cowbell? :3

  • cant contact the server admin soo done playing on there 0 calories = no skillpoints or work
    wish there was a suicide command maybe that would had reset it

  • Come try our server out we always have admins on. if it happens again. We will help fix it.

  • would love to but cant find the server

  • Everyone seems to be having a problem with connecting to a server by adding an ip. The best way is the keep refreshing your server list and look for it in the list and make sure you have restarted your game after removing the non working saved ip. Don't forget to favorite it so You don't lose it when u do. It seems sometimes servers only show for a short pried of time after it has restarted. The restart time for the server is 12am/pm 6am/pm EST. If you still cant find it i will help you get on after work tomorrow. Add me to Steam Alderone (ECO WASTE) or hop on are teamspeak3 tomorrow between 6-8pm EST.

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