All animals are dead?

  • Went into the server, and every single animal me and my friends come across are all dead. Not sure why, there isn't any significant harvesting to kill them all. Wonder if its a bug? And how do you harvest the meat if they're dead?

  • this might need some balancing still i guess

  • It could be wolves killing them for food.

  • You're not able to harvest the bodies from what I know so far. The only way to get meat is by killing an animal yourself with a bow, and the meat is automatically added to your inventory.

  • I know its not the wolves killing them because the wolves are dead too.

  • yea i think i created an issue for that.

  • So on another server, LIVE ELK! Woo! And bunnies! So it might be server dependent? Otherwise, when the elk load, they do their dying animation and don't get up when you walk to them. The wolves don't do that. They're just dead. But the bunnies do it as well, but I saw live bunnies too! So there's some hope.

  • no i think they might die anyway for now after several days :S so think this needs some balancing =P

  • Oh I see. Yeah balancing would be good lol. See my post also in the general chat for an idea I spurred up a little bit ago? I think it might also help contribute to more wildlife and balancing. Later on down the road.

  • It seems like the animals aren't reproducing or eating from what I can tell:

    Errors in config detected:
    Hare foodPricePerOffspring is invalid: 0

    All three animals say this so I assume they can't reproduce.

    Reproduction rates are quite large negative numbers: -8.247582 e08 for example for hares.

    And their stomach percentages are also negative in the range of 70% and higher.

    They all have offspring stats of 0; edible population of 0; and the plants also all have edible populations of 0. Also plants have no offspring so I assume they're not growing or reproducing.

    maybe this information will help @NoBlackThunder ?

  • yep sure that will help =)

  • Yeah; not sure exactly why, but all the animals seemed to gradually die out over time on the solo server I was running for myself to learn the ropes, even without any hunting or pollution; I was playing in spurts with significant breaks in between, so it was only halfway through the third day that I finally went out to do some hunting with a bow and arrow, but by then, I already couldn't find any living animals anywhere (server graphs claimed there were still a few dozen of each type, but I couldn't find any anywhere, only corpses; and within a couple more days the graphs agreed there were no mammals left alive).

  • eco server animals.png

    @NoBlackThunder Maybe this will help?

  • Or perhaps this?eco server animals 2.png

  • yea i think all of those will help =) i am currently creating a list of issues reported that should have a high priority .. might add this one here to since it can be game breaking over time

  • Yea, I'd say it's pretty game breaking at the moment, lol

    @NoBlackThunder I am fairly confident that this is actually TWO problems, though I don't know how the game is coded, it looks like animals A) aren't eating, because plants aren't marked as edible to them, and they aren't marked edible to each other.

    And B) There is no food price for offspring in the config, the server says there's in fact a config error, as in this posts image, and I never see any offspring, the number of offspring is always negative if it ever has a value.

    eco server animals 3.png

  • moving this to bug reports =)

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