ECO WASTE Server - Dedicated - Re-launch?

  • Hello Everyone,

    The server has wiped just now so time to get your Eco on.

    I have removed some of the mods that have been causing some lag.

    For more info on the plains for this wipe read up on it here:

    See You In Game!

  • For those who have been searching for the server. We wanted to give you all an update, that we have yet again had an issue with the hardware the server is on. Alderone has been in contact with our server provider, and they are having to build a new rig for us to be on.

    As soon as we have a definitive answer as to the downtime, we will be sure to post it here, along with when the server will be back up.

    Thank you for being patient in this matter, and look forward to gaming with you all soon!

  • Hello,

    For anyone seeing that are server is currently down. We are working on moving to a newer better server box. New server info will be posted soon.

  • Server info has been updated with the new server stats.

    We got a big upgrade, Enjoy the fast speed and no lag.

  • Don't tell me how to live my life alderone.

  • Hello Everyone,

    It is good to see the Developers for ECO are still getting shit done. I know a great meany of you have been asking about the main groups return to ECO. Some others and I will be testing to latest patch coming out later today. (ECO 6.0)

    We all have big hopes for this patch and look forward to testing it. I know meany people are wondering if the ECO WASTE Server will ever re-open it's doors. Yes one day we do hope to re-lunch the server. Only this time we will do it when we are ready.

    If this server is to start back up, we will need the help from everyone that was involved with ECO WASTE before. If ECO WASTE becomes live again we will need the support of all are community. Anyone that has played with us before knows that we always aim to run the highest speed and dedicated connection for our servers, and round the clock Admin assistance.

    So what do you all have to say?
    Should we bring ECO WASTE back from the dead?
    Is the 6.0 ECO build going to be worth starting up again?
    Let's here it from all of you. What do YOU think?

    Best Regards
    ECO WASTE Server

  • As always, good to hear from you Alderone. Good news all around for the Eco Waste community.

    I have personally already played around with the 6.0 staging build and I can tell you a lot of the fixes people were asking for are in there, as well as massive performance improvements. On the server side of things, there are interesting new skill caps and refund skill rates in the server settings.

    Should we bring Eco Waste back from the dead? Yes
    Is the 6.0 Eco build going to be worth starting up again? So far it looks like it is going to be a yes, but I agree with the testing idea before any money is spent.

    Cheers as always,


  • Why so much pressure on me you two...............I mean come on, I can't take this much longer......... I don't need to post here for you to know my answer. I'm always here to help. :)

  • Well, it's not like we have any other avenue to chat with you Grimm. If you have any ideas of how we can stay in touch, please suggest them!

  • alright alright boys, you begged and begged and after MUCH consideration (mostly a 12 pack and some doritos), i'm in. Alderone,anything you need I'm here. also, i make 50k a fight i guess you could say im semi pro

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